November lineup updates 🥂

November lineup updates :clinking_glasses:

Show off your teams!

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Bout to sell Ross, pick up pg & Bowen then move marion to bench


edit: i don’t know why i have the pic upside down :thinking:


Francis, Desmond, Battier, KG, Jordan
MRR, Clyde, Gay, Kemp, Magic.

I have enough tokens for 6 more Amy players and 5 diamond players but nobody excites.


Your pic is upside down LOL

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yeah, always but don’t know why, on my phone its not like that…


Maybe he is from Australia


I’ve got 127 tokens and almost 400k MT. Was hoping to get Magic today but we got bean-boozed. I still have most of triple threat to grind, but I just really don’t want to. It’s so boring.


If I can get Timmy later, I’ll move x to the back up 3 or I might sell him. English is pretty good.


@NoCoJake don’t hate me for this… but run a 13 man lineup with opals and diamonds and pink diamonds that’d be pretty cool to see man

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If I’m correct, he doesn’t do this because it would raise his team overall, or promote more EQ against him

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It’s the only way I can get Wes to sub in at the 4 instead of the 5

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Oh yeah, forgot about this piece

I.T. is EVO’d to the Max.




ATL loyalty runs too thick in my blood to do anything different than rock this squad for November.

This is what makes the old man most happy though, despite handicapping myself with the blatant lack of defense at key (well almost EVERY) position :joy: :joy:.

Lineups like this hardcore theme team keep the game fresh and fun for me — and my boys can shoot the rock at a solid clip at every position starting 1-5.

Trae and Lou can straight put on a show at the 1 & 2… especially when Sweet Lou gets rolling like this right here:

Sweet Lou… call him Mr. 99 on offense!!

But what else would you expect from Lou when he’s out here looking like somebody’s Grandad getting ready to ball out at the local YMCA in that custom :snowflake: Frosty Blue :snowflake: two-tone old school Hawks throwback uniform with the red kool-aid socks.

Stay Frosty Atlanta :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake: Brrrrrrr!!

Edit: Yes, that is indeed bronze Brandon Goodwin at backup PG. He is the only other official Hawks card that can play PG for me at the moment.

Needless to say… he don’t play much, LOL.

But can a loyal Hawks fan get a Doc Rivers card 2K?? It would help me out so much.

Maybe even little Spud?? Or at least a Jeff Teague or Jason Terry card with a Hawks logo on it??

C’mom 2K… I’m not even asking for a Hawks Pistol Pete or Lenny Wilkins card.

Just throw me a bone here… I’ll take anything over this here Brandon Goodwin, good lord.


Too bad Wilkins need 1000 games of boring TTO :frowning:


I tapped out at 200 wins… I’m paying my nephew a nice little chunk of change for him to knock out as many wins as he can for me during his upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas school breaks.

I will start grinding out the mode again as well in due time… my goal is to have GO Dominique by New Years Day.

Wish me Luck, lol.


without spending any money