Nov. 7th Game Night Thread

Anyone notice Kemba is playing for the wrong team :disappointed_relieved:

I was waiting for this thread to pull up

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I want to see if Shaq going to take a shot at Dame tonight lol

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Gordon Hayward balling

Is Kawhi playing or is his load being managed? If he plays that blazers clippers game will be good

If I see Belinelli on the court again I’m going to have a stroke.

I think he playing, he said he don’t do back to back, so he should be a go tonight, his matchup, Rodney Hood lol

Lol he skip Giannis on ESPN, but he jumped up for Rodney Hood on TNT


Murray VS SGA let’s get it

Ya hate to see it

I forgot Tim Duncan was with the spurs again his hair looks goody lol

Wait is Kemba not wearing 10s this year??

Terry :poop:

39pts on 19-23 for Lamarcus.

He always garbage in playoffs