Noticed something very wierd about Diamond J. Rich’s Stats

Okay so, as we all know 2k has inflated the fuck out of stats this year. Essentially all of the “god tier” cards are the same stats w diff player models.I.e, T Mac, VC, KD, PD harden. I could go on by position. But for some reason, J rich’s DIAMOND has a lower 3 ball than last years AMETHYST. Super wierd and kinda bums me out Bc I wanted to cop him. they are so strange over at TakeTwo Studios. Most cards have 90+ everything. For no reason, but then for a random card you drop the 3 from last years lower tiered version. I don’t think there is any word that can describe 2k as developers. Wtf man. Obviously this isn’t a huge deal as it’s really not a lot of cards we see this with but still i think it says something about them.


That rating really killed what could of been one of the best cards in the game.

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They’re incompetent content developers and fake basketball fans. They drop J-Rich’s three ball yet give Hakeem an 89. Lol.


they killed diamond kobe’s card. How does kobe have lower then 90 3pt??? that makes no sense to me.

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Yep, like I said , it’s espexially heartbreaking because the amethyst had a 95 last year. They could’ve even gave the diamond same rating as the amethyst’s 3’a and all would’ve been well

As far as realism goes, Kobe with a 90 is actually slightly too high in my opinion. He’s a career .329 shooter from deep. I would have given him an 87-88 just cause he’s Kobe. Guys with mid to high 80’s shoot over 50% in the game, i.e., Kawhi, Worthy, and 95 Cousins, etc.

If you go look on one of the card database sites there is literally over 5 pages worth of cards with a 95 or greater open 3pt shot. Inflaaaaation.


It has something to do with shot selection. He took lots of contested 3s, half court 3s and buzz beater. You shouldn’t only look at percentages.
Also you need to take the environmental factors into consideration. Today’s NBA took much more 3s and run much more 3pt plays compared to 10 years ago, while Kobe was at his prime. The lakers didn’t have much 3pt plays designed for Kobe back then

Check Bernard King.

really weird he was a good 3pt shooter in real life and he even does have 3pt plays but doesnt even come with deep range deadeye

Through five friendlies after picking him up last night, he is averaging over 27.4 PPG on 11 of 13.7 shooting and like 2 of 3.2 from 3. He’s nasty.

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How do you play so good with him and I was so bad? Lol

Mine has the Diamond Curry, and his dribble moves allow him to get his three off consistently. He also dunks like 10 times a game and never misses a dunk — so far.

Loved his dunks but maybe that shoe makes a big difference. I only had the off dribble Jordan’s and I would take open shots and miss lol

Was he fully badged out? I don’t think the vanilla card comes with Gold Deep Range Deadeye.

Yeah it was badged out but maybe I wasn’t use to his shot, it felt right in freestyle but in supermax he will be quick and get open but couldn’t make a shot lol

I just don’t play SuperMax anymore. Equalizer and facing Giannis at the 1 every game doesn’t entice me. It’s actually repulsed me to the point where this is my last installment of 2K.

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Lol told you.

He’s nice. Hopefully I get a duo between him and Baron which boosts both of their defense.


That would be nice. I miss having Baron… and Steve Kerr.

You absolutely should look at percentages. Kobe didn’t take half court shots to the degree it’s the culprit behind his career .329. The guy is an all-time great but was heavily known as a ball hog for years and was never truly considered a truly efficient 3 point shooter. He was an above average 3 point shooter. Far from great, far from elite. Numbers don’t lie, and what you just claimed does not negate them.

I’d say Kobe 10 years ago in his prime was definitely taking plenty of 3’s per game. 5.9, 6.5, 5.2, 5.1. As you can see, an above average 3 point shooter. Not great, not elite. High 80’s at best.