Noob question...what exactly is a freelance, series versus running playbook

Is it a default play pattern if you don’t chooose a play ?

Its a movement to get Born Ready out of LA



Had to google this reference…didn’t know lance Stephensons nick name is born ready lol

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It will run automatic plays differing depending on where you you set up the play in the half court

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We want him back in Indy


Freelance is a “set” with multiple and variable branches of motion depending on where you start on the floor. I suggest choose your freelance based on how you like your floor spacing and which branches you like best.

Series are specific and similar plays that you could actually find amongst various playbooks. The only difference is that when you call a series, the plays get automatically called for you each time down. You don’t get to choose which variation of the play (it could be Fist iverson or Punch Iverson). You also don’t get to choose who the play is called for or who will initiate it.

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