Noob MTU question

Do you only get one chance to go 12-0?
Eg: I go 11-1, is that it for the month?
I know you can reset at any time but the last game, is I think do or die?

Or if I get and 11-1 do I get the 11-1 reward and am free to attempt 12-0 for the cards again?

I know you can have 3 losses, if you do not reset before the 3 loses is that it for the month?

Thanks in advance

You can do as many runs as you want.

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Appreciate it. My first year in

Can you get the rewards multiple times?
Not the players for 12-0 but the tokens/mt/packs.
Say I go 8-3 a few times? I get reward 8 each time?

Yeah, you get the rewards every time :slight_smile:

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yep even if u go 12-0 multiple times u can get the award multiple times. and then quick sell

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