[None in stock atm]

I’ve bought and sold numerous times here. HMU, I just want to get rid of the MT so I can finally stop playing 2k lmao. Paypal only.


Can’t already have a Supplier that I am selling for.

Thanks though @Craigary

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Bump. 300k left.

@China_XCV copped 100k. He went first. Smooth deal. +rep

Still selling?


He hasnt been online in 3 hr bro

He was last seen 1 min

Dude my boy @ljk006 is selling. ! @holding_a_l

Sold out for now.

@raptorsbenchmob how much for 100k?

Why not ask him.:wink:

Ight I pm’d him

Are you sold out?


cool congrats bud :slight_smile: