Non logical

I do not understand how bol bol , and other players such as Kevin Garnett get hof range extender but Michael jefferey Jordan couldn’t get hof range extender that irritates me!

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Money is the reason.

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Cause they gonna drop a SG/PG MJ that has HOF RE


give it some time, we’ll get another Jordan

All these new bigs got clamps but 2650 collection reward Sabonis can’t get bronze clamps.


There will be a 99 everything Jordan

Like others have said were getting another Opal Jordan

That’s all 99 as well.

He’s too damn slow regardless.

Bol Bol has higher lateral quickness than 750 token Opal reward Penny Hardaway. Tacko Fall has the same LQ

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This game is so dumb this year and we all love the nba too much man this sucks