NoCoJake vs WitnessAM23: 2KG All Time Tourney Round 2 ((LIVE NOW))))

@NoCoJake (Lakers) vs @WitnessAM23 (Heat)

Watch nocojake with me on Twitch!

@6thManSam (Spurs) vs @B_Wiseman91 (Warriors)

OgxSuave (Celtics) vs Rxl3005 (Rockets) Twitch Replay

Chriskh0 (Nets) vs Percyhawk (Clippers)

Watch fokus_xg with me on Twitch!

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Oh shieeetttttt let’s go

Manny out here rocking my favorite playbook


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That Jazz team is superb ass man

Mug cheesing with Tmac. What I expected.

How the hell did mug (one of the best players on the site) get the Magic :joy:

Dude that had the magic gave em up and quit. Mug had the rockets originally with Harden, TMac, Yao, and Ralph. Still stacked but at least there he kind of had a weakness with slow bigs

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Idk what team really has a match up for this Magic squad

If I got a pd Jaylen I think mine would , I don’t know what to expect from Tony Allen on Tmac…

I would have to try Melo on him if we matched up

I’m legit embarrassed. This is sad

Manulous fighting though to had just picked the game back up days ago.

No need to be embarrassed bruh . Mug is a dawg

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I think Manny is doing very good for someone that isn’t used to how people play in unlimited

Gg @Muglegacy2

Got ripped open from asshole to belly button my god


gg fellas

Congrats to @Muglegacy2 on his big round 1 win.

Thank you to @Manulous for helping us out and joining on short notice. Preciate it bro. Mug is a very tough draw any round let alone round 1. Nobody wanted to play him first. Thank you :100:

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GG fam nice user D!!!


Thanks. You’re so damn relentless man. Couldn’t get a second to breathe