Nobody can take an L

Playing dude with GO Wilt Ak at 1 JR and C Webb smack him 16-0 to start game it’s 22-4 now and he just sittting on the screen. Why doesn’t anybody just quit anymore?


To make you suffer because you are better than them

I get it in tto a lot


TTO understand cause a lot of kids play it and it’s kinda broken. But with that squad that’s a lot of money to be getting smacked like that then cry when you lose.

I’m watching Netflix on my Mac and doing quizzes while he wastes all his timeouts

Because 2k is stupid and penalizes you for quitting.

Pretty sure the TTO pause glitch has been patched for a while now, so you can quit for the W without penalty. Dunno if something has changed with that though

Negative. Got the L today

Oh wow that sucks then. I haven’t experienced it in months on XB, is it a PS4 only problem now or am I just lucky?

Maybe both lol

On that note: most of the time I can’t even dribble the ball out at the end of games just like u would irl when leading in double digits. Because for some unknown reason my opponent think it’s a good idea to reach and foul my ball handler in the protection stance close to mid court…

For some reason, this reminds me of when some dbag cuts me off while I’m driving and I honk at them, and then they honk back. Like, “Fuck you for me being in your way!”

Beat someone by 20+ today then they pause and let the timer runout with 1 second left in the 4th. Wouldn’t you at least want the 1000-1500MT?

i quit out of a game where the guy sat thru 3 pause timers

ended up getting the win anyways

maybe you need to wait multiple pause timers

Even when I’m getting beaten I don’t quit. I just want to play