No week 5 challenges?

They might be a bit late but they’re aren’t any week 5 challenges yet

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too early. they usually update them in when pack drops and challenges come with those new players

no they come at the same time as the daily challenges

really? I seen them come at the same time as daily ones but I assumed they coming later. 2k know better

maybe they’re coming later today but they were coming out at the same time as the daily’s the last 4 weeks. Hopefully we actually get them and 2K don’t screw us

now that you mention it. that was right because I remember my week 2 being glitched. we can only hope

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Last year they dropped with the packs because they were often themed around the packs weren’t they?

we didn’t have challenges last year

I was referring to the weekly challenges that have been a thing for like 5 years. Is it different this year? Have barely been on myteam

i was talking about the weekly xp challenges