No shortcuts POTM

  • Since March I could play 2K only in the weekend, and, with only 4 attempts per month, I missed every POTM ever since.

  • I am not great at 2K.

  • Despite not being great, I am stubborn and I want to use my favorite players, especially Steph Curry.

  • Despite not being great, I am stubborn and I want to run a realistic fashion of offense.

  • Despite not being great, I like to experiment real NBA strategies I see on TV, like running KD at center or Magic at PF

  • Despite not being great, I refuse to do the 2 Opal, 3 emerald, 8 bronzes trick. I also refuse to do the 13 bronzes trick with a friend.

  • Despite not being great, I don’t have anyone to get matched with me and quit to gift me some free wins.

Despite everything, this weekend I was able to get this:

The beasts that were so great to carry my mediocre ass to this result:

Who should I kick out to create space for Rudy Gay? I am leaning towards MJ, despite his defense has been key for me. My bench unit of MJ, Jimmy G., KD, KG, Sabas is a nightmare to score on!

Thanks a lot to everyone who had the patience to read until there!


U real. Just add him to 10 man rotation


Congrats! I wouldn’t kick any of them out for Rudy. Run 13 man and put him in a suit lol


Congrats bro ! You deserve it I agree with @CallMeGit on the 10 man rotation idea enjoy him bro !!!

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@CallMeGit @D1M3R thanks a lot guys! I might do what you suggest!

Usually I like to run only 9 players because I feel very bad leaving expensive cards on the bench for a lot of minutes :rofl:

I have opal Pierce and Westbrook in my collection, but knowing I wouldn’t use them, I feel bad disrespecting two legends by leaving them to warm the bench haha! That’s my mental illness :rofl:

But yeah, I think I will bring in Gay as my 10th man and run him for short periods with my bench to get a scoring spark. I’d feel bad leaving such a trophy in my collection.

Thanks a lot mate, very appreciated!

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You’re definitely an above average player if you can go 12-0 without abusing the meta. I’ve always respected you for playing the way you want to play (using cards you want and not abusing the meta). It puts you at a disadvantage from the get-go of every match but it really shows true skill and knowledge of the game if you’re able to beat players that abuse the meta.

I remember back in the day when we talked about how good that Gold Derrick Favors was in the post haha… Anyways, CONGRATS :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot, very appreciated!

I couldn’t go undefeated for 4 straight months, but I never abandoned my Curry and Klay cards haha! Thanks to this lucky crash I got all these cards that are ridiculous. They straight dominate the game on both ends… KD is something else, I don’t know if he’s the best card ever in any MyTeam, but for me he is. With them I was able to dodge the forwards @PG haha :rofl:

And… you know, that Derrick Favors in 2K18 was a god, he straight up carried me through all the first 2 dominations fulfilling the 10 FT requisite on his own :joy:

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GG man. You probably deserve that Rudy more than most players.



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Congrats man!! :innocent::partying_face:

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I said this revently in another discussion, but it describes this perfectly as well. “Not all wins are created equal”.

You manage to go 12-0 with Curry as your PG, that’s mighty impressive. Congrats!


Isn’t KD at C still cheesing though? :joy::joy::man_shrugging:

Sorry bro. No props for you. Nice try

I’d much rather play against someone running KD at C than KD at SG.

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What if they do 5 out and the other guy doesn’t switch the matchup? (Which actually happens more than you’d think). That’s murder lol

I’m thinking more offensively. If there is a weak SF at C, I’ll go at him every time down the court. On the other end though, I probably wouldn’t be able to stop him lol

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Mad respect bruh going 12-0 wit out a big lineup is one thing but you also did it with no base 11 that’s BOSS!!! Well done


Thanks a lot my friend, very much appreciated!

I am a Don Nelson disciple :rofl:
And KD can be exploited in the post no? :yum:

I just want a versatile lineup that can switch any screen and run in transition. Having 5 playmakers on the floor is great.

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Congrats! Glad you were able to get a POTM before the game ended and did it the right way. It’s a difficult task despite how a lot of folks on here make it seem easy.

Also, PD Sabonis has been my most consistent center since I redeemed him. He’s a sniper and causes more rage quits than any other center I’ve used. I’m so comfortable with his shot since I used his diamond for over 300 games. Glad he helped you get to 12-0 too!

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