No Playoff Packs this year

Looks like Playoff cards will be in their own packs guys if these historics moments are in their own theme

I agree. The only reason Playoffs packs were any-bit worth the VC/MT to pull them was because there were historic players included in them early off. Now that the historic players get their own pack theme, who the hell would want to pull an early-stage Current Playoffs pack? It wouldn’t make any sense.

Wait, I’m confused. So the newly announced historic cards are in League Moments packs? DaNali you said ‘now that the historic players get their own pack theme’. What do you mean by that?

The ship has sunk…

My mistake they are in their own pack

No. They are in their own packs. He meant that current playoffs would be in League Moments.

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Who knows what they’ll do. None of the new historic playoff cards are worth ripping packs for. If the diamond pull odds are really good then those cards will be very low priced anyway.

Unless they are like historic packs and diamond shoes or contracts have better pull rates, then I’d be interested.