No Petes Redeemed on Xbox Yet?

Could have sworn some Petes were redeem but guess it was just playstation.


Damn that’s crazy

Its visual glitch. i redeemed pete in xbox weeks ago

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That’s a glitch

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I also redeemed him. Where does it say he’s limited to 2000 redeems? I never did notice and I don’t see it in the pic above.

Hopefully they took that 2000 limit shyt off. Made no sense.

it’s say it right before you redeem him.

For all the guys that have him is he better than Magic and Luka?

Depends on your play style. He is better shooter than both, as he is a pure shooter with good sigs. I put a kobe dunking grinch shoes on him (and he dunks a lot). Magic is taller and better for rim running (magic is my main PG while pete is my back-up). I have only use Luka for a short period so i can’t comment. But Pete is definitely a fun card to use.

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