No more demi Gods in My team

The best skill gap on my team is defense and this cards just diminish that gap
Everyone can double and trap to avoid to be exposed on D and get impossible lanes ,
Yao is guarding 3 plays at once
That’s why tydebo is up everytime , he knows when to steal , guess , drop , standstill etc

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They should still have to do SOMETHING first. That would be the moments cards’ job. Score 30. Score 10 in 5 minutes. Double-double off the bench. 3 blocks in 2 minutes. Something impressive with their limited time. (And give them limited stamina, if it’s something like this.)

It’s ridiculous that rookies who haven’t even been drafted yet have better cards than almost everyone else just because they were released later in the year.

FACTS. I believe this was the year Curry “broke the game” and I think I opted out of that particular event, but besides that the 87 gold Cavs Kyrie was straight up better for me than Steph, and I ran them both for a long time. So fun.

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I’m having the time of my life playing myteam. I play this mode nonstop from September to September.

The demi gods and meme cards keep this mode fresh for me. They are never going backwards so I adapted my thinking and playstyle to squeeze as much fun out of the mode as possible. Everyone is different. The way the mode is now is fun for me.

They aren’t going backwards. We can look at today’s drop and see that. 12 rookies and they’re all better than the cards before them depending on what gen you are on. I understand the frustration but I said it before and I’ll say it again. People need to get together with like minded players use a custom roster and play the game the way yall want to play it. Theres so many posters here I don’t see any reason why something like that can’t jump off. Shit I’d play.

I know that. Im talking about meme cards I wasn’t responding to your post. But on that topic I like how the mode is now. I don’t want to play or go back to 2k15, 16 or 17. When I delete this game I’m not going back to 21 either. Every year is a new story and a new experience for me.

Sure if Shaq has a 25 three ball theres some strategy because he obviously can’t shoot. But just because the weaknesses aren’t obvious doesn’t mean they don’t exist. All Emeralds or AlI Dark Matters there’s still strategy. I was dominating when Simmons had a 55 three ball and I’m balling now with 99s I’m playing and adapting either way.

That’s the thing. This company isn’t advanced enough to pull off what you’re describing. Its too much video game type shit in the game to even stress about realism imo.

The court is too small, players still warp, stamina barely matters, clipping is back (it wasn’t that bad when next gen dropped) , zig zagging, you don’t need to Green to make shots, crabbing, ghost contests etc. Hell we can use fireballs and play on pink courts. Realism is the last thing on my mind when I play this mode.

This isn’t real basketball. This is how I look at myteam its a basterdized, perverted, twisted brand of futuristic basketball that doesn’t exist in real life. I was doing windmills in traffic with John Stockton in September lol this is the mode. PNO is an absolute pile of shit which is why no one plays it.

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I’m not knocking your opinion at all. You’re entitled to like what you like and all that, which is perfectly fine. The issue is that 2K only caters to players that share your opinion.

Limited was supposed to be somewhat of an answer to that and they just abandoned it (like half of their ideas). MyTeam is deep enough where both can exist but they’re too lazy to do that.

I’ve accepted that 2K will be this for the foreseeable future and these newer 2Ks will be the 2K15s and 16s to them but it sucks because it’s simple to say go play PNO but that isn’t the same experience. No challenges, cards to unlock, different modes, players in their prime, players that aren’t on one of the rosters, etc.

I just voiced my frustrations but I know what it is and this is what lack of competition in a market brings.


This is actually a really good post. Honestly I always call myteam a scam. Its a scam that I willingly partake in but a scam nonetheless. The biggest issue with the mode to me is that every decision 2k makes seems to always come back to “does this make us money”.

The monetization of badges, position locks, jumpshot speed etc its almost criminal that you can’t even chase a rebound without a specific badge. I think the mode being so money hungry is one of the main reasons for the crazy cards and game play.

I remember when 21 launched it was extremely hard to shoot and the community revolted until they made it too easy to shoot. If the game is hard to play they will kill off a big chunk of their player base. Its a scam lol

You’re right about PNO. I think that mode is bad on purpose to funnel people to myteam. You literally need a badge to do simple basketball actions and the VC rewards are terrible.


I’ve been saying this. It was first a fantasy LINEUP mode. Now, it’s a completely fantasy mode.

I don’t know man past few years the game gets really dead to me when every player can do everything. At a certain point it’s literally just a bunch of elongated player models trying to get open for open shots. They don’t even play the the real life counterpart.

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Honestly it’s not the fact all cards are 99

It’s the gameplay look back at almost every 2k except 2k20 and 21 (which are completely garbage gameplay wise) but every other 2k has been fairly good and fun

Myteam not being fun or enjoyable it has nothing to do with 99 everything cards,first off it’s the player base watching the tournaments that go on ,then try to play like them and that make the game miserable when your just trying to play and they’re trying to play like 250k is on the line

Also having a realistic myteam would be even worse then what we have now. Atleast we have so many chooices to crest a team (yes most cards have the same base and dribble moves )

but if the game was realistic we would just come against magic/Simmons then Kobe/mj and LBJ/kd/then kp then at C it would be KAT or lafrentz

So if they kept stats with diversity all year round we would literally just play the same cards over and over

But hopefully in 22 the power creep slows downs and we don’t get opals so soon and then dm cards a a month later

This logic makes no sense really obviously you didnt play before 2k17.

Magic was good but he was slower and couldnt really shoot. Stretch bigs were good for spacing obviously but could get abused by traditional centers with better physical stats.

Cards like KD could be demis offensively but he cost insane MT and didnt have the best defense.

Everything was a tradeoff. You saw WAYY more variety.


I’ve played every 2k since 11 and I’ve seen how the player base has changed over the years and people would just want to have the tallest played with the highest 3pt rating

Obviously if cards were realistic you’d see most people using players who were actually good in the nba like hofers

But it all comes down to gameplay and next gen is probably the worst I’ve ever played there’s no skill involved

Even 2k19 when we had the signature limited cards that were 95+ in all stats nobody would cry as much as they do this year ?

Because 19s gameplay was miles ahead of the shit we have now

18 would like a word.

You could atleast have fun on that game it’s just that the whole game was shot :joy:

That game forever changed the way I invest (my time, money, or emotions) into 2K online play. It was designed to make you hate-play it for as long as possible, and I’m not interested in being indefinitely antagonized in my free time.

Supermax was the single-most malicious game mode I’ve ever played in my life. The gameplay was terrible. You ran into Giannis at point guard every game. Shot contest was purely determined by height.

In short, IDK what game you were playing.

See yall in September :eyes:

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That clip in the OP damn near gave me a brain aneurysm…don’t miss current gen at all.

Everyone is right in the post. We need more modes for sure. I’m fine with demi god cards. The issue I notice is some of the people (def not all) in the MyTeam community just don’t really give a damn about whether the game is good or not. They just don’t like to lose, especially to newer players, or weaker teams. And at the end of the year everybody has a chance to get demi gods since they are so cheap.

The main skill gap in 2k will always be IQ. No tween, quick stop, spin dunk, or euro step 3 (2k13) will be better than a player with elite IQ. Will you lose some games to someone cheesing? Hell yeah. 2k just needs to revamp the defense for sure. On ball defense needs to be rewarded more than full court press bump steal attempts…and “baiting” shouldn’t even be a thing really on defense.


Basketball is supposed to be a game where every player on the floor has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses, and much of the sport’s strategy comes from figuring out how to hide your own team’s weaknesses, while exposing your opponent’s flaws by putting their weakest links in situations where they can’t hide, and have to either take it on the chin or get subbed out of the game.

2K simply stops being basketball once it reaches the point where every card on the floor has no weaknesses, which usually happens about 2 or 3 weeks before the $250K tournament, when 2K is trying to make that last big push towards getting people to stock up their tourney squad with pack-bought cards.

Since 2K19 I’ve just stopped playing the mode altogether post $250K tournament, because there’s zero strategy involved in lineup building once every card has the power to do everything on both ends of the court.

2K18 had such horrible 1v1 gameplay that I never even bothered to play much MyTeam at any point in that year.

2K17 through 2K15 were MyTeam’s glory years, where it actually took some serious thought, scouting, and practice to put together a winning lineup, with 2K16 being the mode’s championship season.

This was my first seed RTTP 12-0 lineup in 2K16:

old school

It became pretty much impossible to go 12-0 in Unlimited with a lineup like that (my SG and C can’t even shoot threes) from 2K18 onward, when superpowered stretch bigs became commonplace, height cheese started to ruin entire positions by making only 2 or 3 cards usable in each lineup spot, and dumbass meme cards like Eddie Curry and Isaac Bonga started replacing legends like Jordan and Bird as some of the top cards in the game.


You must not have played 2K14 through 2K17 because nobody really used Magic, Penny, or any of the tall PGs in those games because their shooting and defense were subpar, just like IRL.

It took until 2K19, when 2K stupidly decided to make Magic a fantasy card who could shoot like Byron Scott and defend like Michael Cooper for him to finally became popular (ditto for Penny in 2K20).

Kobe, Jordan, and LeBron also couldn’t shoot threes that well (like IRL) from 2K14 through 2K17, which meant that only the diehard rim runners would use them over snipers like Ray Allen or Larry Bird.

And stretch bigs like Durant and Towns would have been BBQ Chicken in the post in '14-'17, before 2K decided to juice their defense ratings and add cheese defensive badges like intimidator and pogo stick to the game.

LaFrentz wouldn’t even have been a viable big man option at all due to his lack of speed, vertical, and lateral quickness, since not every center automatically had 90+ ratings in every athleticism category back then. The reason I kept silver Willie Cauley Stein in my 2K16 lineup for so long was because he was the fastest center in the game for a good portion of that year.

I point all this out to show that MyTeam was at its best when building a team was all about choosing which sacrifices you’re willing to make (athleticism/height/shooting/defense), since you couldn’t have all of those strengths on a single card at all 5 positions in your lineup. Plus you actually had to use your bench in those older MyTeam games, since the tireless scorer and relentless finisher badges weren’t given out at the gold or hall of fame level to every single card.


Anybody know what 2K is going to do with the cards that got new bases (Luka - Exum, AK - 98, even Lebron - Exum) for 2K22. Are they going to keep these bases or are they going to be used in the power creep?

I know their regular cards still have their old bases, but 2K20 showed us that they are willing to give out animations to everyone as part of the power creep (the long athlete layup package). Even in 2K21 cards got Pro 3 BTB and Pro 2 Escape pretty early.