No more demi Gods in My team

This is a prime example why the skill gap is considerably low on my team than any other game mode .
Good bait and rotation ? Obviously , but to start with this full court passes only exist on my team on current ( for some stupid reason ) but now about defense .
This cards that we have after February are capable to do it all on offense , but their true impact on my team is on D .

People can take bad decision in rotations all game and recover from that .
For example in pro am , we have a sharp ( around 6 7 max ) and a PF ( 6 8 ) guarding corner , they need this restrictions to be able to shoot consistently , so literally no build can catch lanes or keep hedging between corner , slip and hash at the same time .
You need to know and guess when to drop for the roller , when to bait the corner and try to be super assertive to pinch the hash .

On my team you can just control the player and guard every play with one guy , or two at max .
Yao catch a ridiculous impossible lane , we will never have restrictions and balance on my team because this mode is clearly made to favor bad users.
On offense obviously they can score easily with this cards , but what annoys me the most is some guys that think they are very good on team defense when is just the cards doing all the job.

My team is way better when you need to be assertive and make good reads to play high D


I’m not a scientist but I’ve seen that play 100x before

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MyTeam is a fantasy mode so it’s supposed to have multiple options for op cards, if there were restrictions to players in attributes everyone would run the same 5-10 players and wouldn’t use any other ones.

Pro am takes more skill to be good at it, and that’s fine by me, not everyone has to be good at a game to play it.

I would say this like everyone can play it and have fun in it. Not everything is nased on online and competitive gaming, some enjoy playing offline too.

The general problem in MyTeam isn’t the op cards we get and a lot of cards are op… but it’s the lack of game modes in the game.
There should be a 5v5 sweat mode, 5v5 casual mode (like limited but always available) and I liked limited this year also (just make the rewards better that can be competitive against the cards in packs).



In combination with the bad gameplay. If the gameplay was good and balanced, good players would win regardless of their team.


MyTeam wasn’t meant to be a fantasy mode. It was play now but you got to build your own team. Yeah, everyone ran MJ, KD, or LBJ at point but the rest of the players were more of a mix. Nowadays you see the same players over and over and if it isn’t the same, it’s a clone of another player. You saw different strategies and had to have been players to counter. The game was way better when you had to actually think instead of just getting a team with a certain base and the tallest players.


For me it’s the lack of game modes and the op cards
Don’t make any sense that you can guard two corner the paint and even the top of the key with tacko
Any decent player that know 2 rotations will guard the entire court .
They can throw doubles and trap and you will not be able to make a pass because all this card kill the space of floor
Isn’t just about skill , but basketball sense
This is totally arcade my team is more arcade them park ,
We need more game modes but balance content ( what we will never have )
I don’t mind offline gameplay , it’s a nice option to have , but online players deserve good treatment too


at the end of the day… and i know this sucks… but we have to look from a company’s perspective, not even just 2k, but it’s all about one thing to them, money. it’s shitty, of course, but 2k creates this meta with op cards and releases more cards that destroy that meta, that goes on and on until endgame where there really isn’t a clear cut meta.

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This is the clear-cut meta.

People who just started playing the last few years will never know the glory days of MyTeam when the best Shaq/Wilt/Kareem couldn’t shoot and not every card had 90+ 3pt


Yeah, and that’s because 2K is too lazy to create any sort of balance. Why make Shaq a bully inside but a terrible free throw shooter and perimeter defender and make stretch bigs slow and poor interior defenders if they can just make cards better and better then give guard eligibility to giants? Minimal work to get paid but they could still sell packs if they made the cards worth it.

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agreed. i’m sure there’s a legit 50/50 split between wanting demi’s and actual play-now type cards. i’m in between tbh. it’s became a fantasy mode, and tbh i kinda like seeing guys who aren’t too good get shown love.

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Those guys could still get love just not do everything and play positions they could never play irl. My biggest issue is no matter how good you are you put yourself at a major disadvantage using any true pg that isn’t Magic, Luka, Penny or Simmons. How do we have an invincible Tacko, Bol, invincible and GOAT Magic, Kobe, MJ, LBJ and Reem but no invincible CP3, Zeke, etc. 2Ks meta makes it so using legendary pgs is so pointless to the point they might not even get cards they deserve because bench warmers who are 7’ plus can do they same exact things. Fantasy mode or not it’s a basketball game and it’s wild to me how there’s zero reason to run them.


I am speed
-Yao Ming

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Remember 2k16 when cards actually had pros and cons and you had to choose whether you wanted super athletic players or 3 point snipers?

I remembers. Everyone had different teams…

Larry Birds BEST card had like 78 speed and low physicals and he was still a GOAT card. You could choose a stretch big but chances were he would be dominated by a Shaq or Wilt card down low and on the boards.


I’m so glad the demi gods will never leave. If I wanted to play PNO I’d play it but I have 0 games played in that mode for a reason.

This game would be boring as fuck if MJ, Bird, Magic were the only good cards every year. The mode has evolved. Im here for it. If you know what you’re doing there’s still strategy even when cards are all 99s.


There isn’t strategy , you just try to catch everything you can
Between 2 good players it’s more about rng than other factors .
The best ones are the ones that played since the beginning and developed a better sense for good decision making
This lane is just ridiculous, that was a good pass
This bait don’t make any baskebtall sense


I get what you’re saying but that’s just cmarz everybody can’t play D like that.

One issue that I hope gets fixed for 22 is the court size. Its just too small.

Wanting demis is fine but if the other half of the player base wanted arcade we’d play nba playgrounds. There’s zero balance at all. PDs were easily the best cards in 2K15 but they weren’t giving them 99 everything either.

People legit used to debate which MJ was best ‘91, ‘93, or ‘96. Some people liked ‘91 Magic which could shoot better or ‘87 who had the speed. You can make players like Bol Bol and Tacko usable without making them what they are. You say it would be boring if those 3 were the only good cards but how is it not when the only thing that separates cards now is player model and base?

I think diamond AI was a top 5 card in 2k15 btw

MyTeam was supposed to be that, a mode to build your own team, not your own player. There’s a mode for that.


I really lose it sometimes because that’s everyone now just not that extreme level of defense. And even if a fantasy mode, some things lack balance. Height makes players better , but speed has no effect. What even counts has a contest. Consistent logical basketball principles are ignored. And like someone else here stated even matches of all skill are determined by RNG

Bruh that’s not even how it was LOL.

Sure the legends were goated and but then moments cards and special cards could eventually match up with them.

They didn’t need 99 all stats… Shaq with limitless…

You had to make sure your team had a balance, do I want athleticism or finesse? Not every card was blinding fast with limitless AND defense. Cards felt unique.

Cards like base gold Kyrie were good ALL YEAR.

I miss having to choose cards based on strengths and weaknesses and really building a team.