No money spent and got zion!

I pulled opal Lamelo earlier and sold him for 1.7 million and used that to buy the players for the set and needed melo so spent 100k out of the 350k I had left and pulled another Lamelo and completed the set :grinning: :fire:


lucky man lol

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Locking in NMS, even if you pulled lamelo is not wise imo. You locked for a card that caps at a 6’6 height when you already know 2k has some nonsense planned for all the giants to get PG eligibility


You have a point but I have 250k to try and pull him again lol

dont do ittttt

Trust me man, you’re about to throw it down the drain if you rip more packs 2k doesn’t hand out miracles twice.


They already did give him 2, definitely won’t happen a 3rd time, haha


Ah you’re right I forgot he said he pulled him twice. That’s his pack luck for the entire year

You could’ve been a multimillionaire today if you would’ve played the lottery instead. Lmao


2k’s gonna have a massive problem on their hands if they can’t figure out how to make short players usable in 2k in the future.

The fact that 6’6 is considered “short” at the PG position is pretty scary when considering Zion really should be playing PF.

That being said, hopefully Zion can be the poster boy for small ball coming back to 2k. Tired of giants being able to do everything smaller players can do & have 0 limitations.


I guess you already locked in Zion but I wouldn’t have done it if I were you. You are NMS and locking this set might’ve not been wise. You could’ve stashed the 1.7 mill for :fire: future promos even better than this. But if you love Zion good job.

Don’t go from NMS to No money left.


I just wanna be able to run lillard and have fun. Btw where tf is his opal??? Near 30 ppg scorer doesn’t have one but guys without a minute of nba playing time do??