No duos in today's drop?

Would seem ridiculous for them to drop 11 cards to not have any duos


Maybe later today or tomorrow

Anyone think 98 Bron and 98 Wade will get one?

I don’t think so

98 Wade 95 Whiteside

99 Bron with 97 Kyrie


But make too much sense

98 Wilt and 98 west

98 TD and 99 DRob, 98 Kawhi and 95 LMA.

PDs w/ duos may be improbable, but look at PD Harden and 95 CP3. Maybe 97 Barry and 99 Nate too?


If only 2k

Man I want that Wilt have a duo with Jerry West so he goes to 85 open 3 :)))))))))))

I invested in a diamond Duncan when his price was low hoping that for a Duncan/Kawhi duo… there’s never many on the AH so figured a 3pt shoe and a duo would double his value.

Might be saving duos for possible duo packs this Thursday/Friday