No countdown on draft day packs?

Sorry if this has been talked about in another post, but is this common? I feel like there is always a countdown for limited packs? Are these packs going to be gone in a day since they’re called “draft day” packs, or will we get a countdown eventually?

Bruh that would be crazy if this pack was only a 1 day promo. Lol people would be pissed after quickselling their cards on the AH today!

We would be dramatically undervaluing all of these new cards, too.

Personally I wouldn’t even be mad if the Draft pack got removed tomorrow. My entire teams value could actually double if this happened!

I’d like it too. I have the first PD KAT on the AH though, so for like the first time ever that could be an L for me.

How much did you pay for him and how much is he now?

Yeah but hopefully since yours is first it’ll get a high bid. I got a PD KD up right now and I’m thinking I won’t get much more than a 100K for him unfortunately.

I mean they are called Draft “Day” packs. So you could be on to something.

I mean It’s a huge W overall. I’ve just never come close to having the first card up for such a valuable card. And if they close the packs tonight, he might be more in a day or two. I opened three packs with MT and got him on the third. Didn’t press my luck. So 30k

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I had the 4th PD Dirk and got less than 200k :unamused:

Either way that’s a W if you got the first 1 up for bid. Your about to get paid regardless. The 1st one always goes for a ton

How much is he going for now?

There is no timer because it’s never going away

181 K with 50 minutes left

I’m not so sure they’re Draft Day packs & it’s Draft Day.

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That’s another possibility. I think it’s less likely though. All the cards would lose value and nobody would rip for the high price. Unless they keep adding to these like the have with throwback packs.

I give u guys a clue. Its name is not existing in theme filters. This is a one-two days thing imo.

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Yeah, I agree. I don’t see them leaving all these new cards plus all the other great pullable cards that are in these packs available for long

Yeah, methinks this is a one-off. :slight_smile: The PDs are going to become extremely valuable.

+AD and KAT are signature series. So definitely this a limited time thing.

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