No Bosh this year?

Just playing All-time Raptors in domination and I couldnt understand why Amir Johnson is starting…realized there is no Bosh this year.

I didn’t see Josh Smith in all time hawks either…which makes me sad.

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He is there according to, maybe he wasnt in domination. But Bosh aint nowhere to be seen :open_mouth:

Probably because Bosh retired so they need to get his right

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Same thing last year, a bunch of players were added months in like granger, josh smith etc.

Bosh not on 12-13 Heat in PNO.

I assume Bosh is in that gray area, in terms of licensing, that players are in when they’re not covered by the NBAPA agreement because they retired, but they’re not covered by the NBARPA because they just retired.

I just noticed recently too. I’ve been devastated ever since.

I mean, Miami still pays him 25M a year :slight_smile:

That doesn’t necessarily equate to being an active player, and I assume that has bearing on the licensing rights.

The NBPA agreed with the NBA in imposing retirement on Bosh, due to his blood clotting issue. I believe he’s officially deemed retired because of this. Which does not exempt the Heat (their insurer, really) from honoring the remaining guaranteed term of his contract.

Gilbert Arenas was still getting paid into 2016, and his last season in the NBA was 2011-2012.

Nba mad that he leeching money off of them