No Auction House in NBA2K24

I don’t think i like this.


It’s bullshit the monopoly continues.

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:neutral_face: I don’t know what to think about that.

Bad for me :100:. I was able to have the best team, build the best rosters without spending any extra money for the past 2Ks. On top sniping was fun and it was part of the game (for me at least). Everbody who got a real snipe knows what i am talking about. :star_struck: This is over now. And dont let anybody fool you as a NMS player who does not play 24/7 you may survive but you cannot compete with the best anymore. But 2k doubling the MT that can be earned right? What does it help when prices of the cards rise at the same time over which 2k has total control now. :sunglasses:

But tbh now I have THE reason not to buy the game. There would have been nothing coming close holding me back than removing the AH.


2k really is trying to find every way to squeeze a dollar from everyone. Curious to see if the game has any popularity. Luckily I did not want to buy it and I have heard my son push me to do so for the past few weeks. This should be the final nail that will keep me from doing it. I guess I should thank 2K now?


Hopeful repeat they put players there on tokens like amethyst Rubio Ben Wallace Dirk to 2K24

Yea I thought the same thing. It doesn’t really matter if 2k is increasing the MT gained. Since they are in charge of what everything costs now. Not the community or MT sites. Day 1 a Ruby Patrick Ewing is 28k MT. That seems overly priced for a Ruby card compared to previous years.

NMS players are spending 28K of their grinded MT for probably a mediocre ruby while people spending cash are getting diamond Kyrie day 1 and probably buying the top packable cards straight from the player market. I guess it’s possible 28K MT isn’t a huge deal with the extra MT earned, but you only get 25K MT from the level 40 progress. So that wouldn’t even be enough for Ruby Pat.

Good luck to the NMS people trying to get a ring now. Especially that first weekend of the game. The replacement for limited is a pay to win mode where you have to win 4 out of 7 games to get the ring. You can theoretically run into diamond Kyrie 7 times day 1. I personally enjoyed building different limited lineups every weekend for the ring.

I am not buying their “Community feedback is in action here.” line. I personally never heard a large outcry for them to remove the auction house. It exists in every sports Team building game that I played. They are doing this because MT sites were making money instead of people being forced to buy VC. So they made sure to stop that. Now they are building a mode around that change.

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That Day 1 Ewing is 28k to sell back! Not to buy. He could be 50k or 100k for all we know.


Man I was so big into sniping. I remember in 2k21 I had 15 million MT by like December by just playing the AH. Gonna suck not being able to snipe anymore real talk

Same here , i was sniping a lot more than playing actually , i was just playing to try new players for fun 1/2 games every day , but this year without playing (a lot) it’s dead for god squad …

Hey Guys, been a long time…

There is no other reason for this than people farming and selling MT, which lead to fewer people buying VC. They already tried to combat this with boxes that could only be bought with VC, but now they’re really cracking down. MyTeam has been on the decline for a while and this looks like the final nail in the coffin.

It feels quite a bit more restrictive now, how the hell am i even supposed to buy a playbook?


I guess maybe there is a 2K store for Team Items that you can buy with MT?

I am not seeing a direct way to buy team items. There are exchanges for courts, playbooks, arenas, and logos.


yea its ass i gotta just hope i pull a good book so far havent gotten any that i want to use lol i know a lot of books but fuck i like certain ones and i gotta wait for it to show up at random

This mode is called MyTeam and they cant even give us the option to buy a playbook? You can only buy players or packs with MT, this is so backwards.

Also, how complicated is the Evo menu now? It was perfectly fine before and now it takes way more clicks to get the info what you have to evo… Typical 2k, change for the sake of change, doesn’t matter if its less convenient for the user.

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Go to lineup , edit player , evo is there aswell

I wonder if auction house will come again with an update?

I think they were trying to avoid maddens big issue right now that auction houses are a baron wasteland after being split into the 5 consoles ina year or two i bet it cimes back when most have converted to ps5/newbox

In Netherlands there hasn’t been an auction house in years due to European anti consumer laws

I believe this was 2ks response, having no auction house globally then they don’t have to take it out of the countries that have laws against loot boxes

Hate it tbh I loved sniping on the AH in 2k21 made a few million just off PD Blake Griffons alone, I don’t see myself playing myteam past December this year even tho I took 3 years off the game


That is strange. I understand the issue with buying packs as a form of gambling. However, 2K likely does not profit (except very indirectly in a way that has not changed), so it does not make much sense how the AH hurts the consumer.