No 12-0 today

Made it all the way to 11-0 and lost to some cheeser who pick and popped with big Z the whole game and ran all small forwards. Fuck this

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Ok… so you quitting or nah?

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Just play for fun

It’s better that way


No way. I’m going to fucking get him. Just so pissed that I made it this far. Hopefully it’ll only take one or two more runs.

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I’ve finally given up on it. I’m quite sure I can’t go 12-0 unless maybe I can play many runs/attempts and get one lucky run, finally. Don’t have that kind of time and probably would always get handed at least one matchup that I cannot get.

% of games that are fun to play are pretty low. Think I may try to push myself to just dashboard out of any game that isn’t enjoyable to play. And try to remind myself, always, that the point of playing…is to play.


Or play friendlies with other PS4 users, like myself. I remember we played one in the Historic Teams community — fun game if I remember.

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You have an easier run going 12-0 with an odd goofy line up

I’m hopefully impressed by people who do it with traditional line ups

Yeah. I could play Friendlies and they can often be fun.

But, in a very general sense, I’m not that keen on Friendlies because I want an even higher Diff Level, not a lower one.

The tactics online that I find most tiresome are the Limitless threes and the threes off screens, after multiple screens until one gets defender sucked into desired animation.


You’re naming 90% of mtu lol

Do u think the online mode would be better if they didn’t offer any rewards? I have felt this way for a couple years now n it’s generally been an unpopular opinion but I think the rewards are tied directly to the sweaty gameplay u experience online. My most fun games are usually vs guys who already have Hakeem because atleast their not playing like their life is on the line or pauseing the game n begging for a win cause their “11-0”


Yeah. And unless they increase the odds of Illegal Screen calls to nerf it for real, it’s only going to get worse.

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Naw i think theres a lot of different ways to fix online

1.) rewards are great and it keeps everyone interested and talking about the game
2.) they need better matchmaking if theyre gonna continue this 12-0 thing
3.) a tier system would be great kind of like PNO


I just think that people will do anything to win, regardless of incentive.

2K needs to implement penalties for certain players if they are played OOP. Obviously, certain players have secondary positions, but nearly all 3, 4, and 5’s shouldn’t be able to play the 1-2, and most 1, 2, and 3’s should clearly not be able to play the 5.

Like the way they did online in 2k17?

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Similar to that yeah

Maybe, but not really. I think there are a lot of people for whom the goal of playing is to win games, however that needs to be done.

It’s the nature of a lot of game players. It’s on 2K to strike better balances.

As has been said a million times…I probably should be playing PNO.

It’s pretty simple.

Ralph Sampson, Big Z, Blake, Hakeem, etc. should not be able to run the 1-2 without any penalty.

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But how fire is a

Hakeem griffin ducan gasol sampson lineup???


You along with most of everyone here has been begging for that forever!

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Ever since 2K17 allowing 96 Porzingis and 98 Anthony Davis to have 86 BC once hot and with the right shoe, has this shit been OD.