NIB Kawhi vs GOAT KD vs GOAT T-Mac

Need some help on deciding who’s better at the SG position and why. Heard all are quality cards that excel at different things. Just wanted to hear what the general consensus is.

I couldn’t decide either so that’s why I have all 3 on my team :sweat_smile:


same lol


What’s ur team looking like atm?

PG Giannis, SG is Rudy but going to move him to the backup 2, Bol Bol, Kareem, and Yao

Off the bench: LaMelo, Rudy, Bird, Dino, Wiseman

Kawhi is better than both KD and T-Mac. KD and T-Mac are basically equal cards though

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Answer: all 3

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Lmao well who do you generally start or do you just interchange them depending on your preference that day?

I start Goat KD for sure. If I had to pick it’d be him. But NIB Kawhi makes a nice backup and I have Goat T-Mac in my final spot (admittedly haven’t used him much yet tho)

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KD > Kawhi > Tmac

Kawhi is a better defender but KD’s offense is different


So I have KD as my starting SF and use TMac as my backup 2 and Kawhi as my backup 2 or 3 it just depends.


Who’s your starting 2 then?

KD starting 2 no matter what. Larry starting 3 for the culture


For me, tmac for auto green, kd for rim running, kawhi for lockdown D, imma a sniper so I would go Tmac


For me I went with TMac and NIB Kawhi then I have OOP KD at point


Bro tried out T-Mac and hes insane his peekaboo 3s are nasty


Can’t green kawhi so tmac at 2 kd at 3, I’ll take Rice as bench 2 and JLucas as bench 3

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I use Tmac at 2, Kawhi at 3, KD at AH.

All 3 are beast.
If you just need one, choose the cheapest.
So you can save MT.

But if MT is no issue with you then
If you want little more on defence, use kawhi
Little more on offense KD or Tmac.
But as i said all 3 are beast on offense and defence.

Had all three, sold T-Mac.

Preferences aside though, just pick the cheapest one. They’re all equally good.