NFL Week 6 Gameday Thread

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Oh btw, this happened

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Aaron Rodgers vs Tom Brady :triumph::triumph::triumph:

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Damn eagles might get first loss.

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I’m disappointed in him as a Badger Fan

Cowboys fans in shambles

Cam Newton is back too. Must see TV.

Hey man you never know. Andy Dalton has lead horrable bengals teams to the playoffs like 5 times. Remember that one year he was about to win mvp?

Let’s have another great week of NFL talk!

@CB241 Jets vs. Dolphins

This is where the Jets get their first win?


Nope, they just destroyed the niners and the niners are way better than the jets.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they played better with Dalton. Just sucks to see your franchise QB go down. Did Dak ever get that extension or was he franchise tagged? He might have lost the bag.

Andy Dalton has always been underrated

Yeah he should’ve just took the money. Players now a days are greedy. Man give me a million dollars and I’m set for life lol.

Thats on his agent lol

@SG24 @ND13 and last year no one thought the winless dolphins or bengals would beat the Jets when the Jets beat the raiders 34-3 and the cowboys

It’s a divisional matchup, anything can happen

He saw Mahomes deal and was like “ooh I like that”.

Bro, they just cut they’re only hope of winning. I wouldn’t be surprised if they go 0-16
And Sam darnold ain’t even playing.

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The Jets are the new Browns

I’m sorry