NFL Week 3-4 Gameday thread

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MIA V JAX: JAX 24-19

HOU V PIT: PIT 21-17

CIN V PHI: PHI 34-30

SF V NYG: SF 18-10

LVR V NE: LVR 27-17

TEN V MIN: TEN 28-14

WAS V CLE: CLE 23-20

LAR V BUF: BUF 30-16

CHI V ATL: ATL 24-22


NYJ V IND: IND 17-14

DAL V SEA: SEA 38-30

TB V DEN: TB 35-16

DET V ARI: ARI 31-21

GB V NOLA: GB 27-23

KC V BAL: BAL 45-41

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Green Bay is on FIRE right now, and I don’t see them slowing down

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funny thing is i’m most likely starting minshew and james robinson this week against my own dolphins (wentz will sit his ass on the bench lol)

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If the eagles don’t somehow beat the bengals I will be on the Trevor Lawrence hype train

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if carson wentz doesn’t start playing like the talent everyone thinks he is supposed to be…

he will get CUT from my fantasy team lol

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Colts gonna be the winner of the AFC South…

if philip rivers can relax with the interceptions, that would also be great

27-17 lv over New England no chance pats winning

Negative…titans are looking great and scoring without Henry getting TDs. They need a few tweaks on defense but clowney still settling in

Jonathan Taylor :muscle:

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Jonathan Taylor the next Saquan just watch!!

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After that win against the saints I’m officially on the raiders hype train

They looked good but Cam has looked like the real deal

41 on the Ravens defense? Idk man

let’s be real, thursday night football gonna be lit.

mustache vs beard, mishew magic vs ryan fitzmagic

Battle of Florida and facial hair tonight!

Should be interesting

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My predictions: Fitzmagic
600 yards. 6 tds. 200 rushing yard

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