NFL reinstates Josh Gordon

This is huge news. Imagine a full season of Brady and Gordon??


Should be half decent. Gordon’s not in football shape atm, but hopefully he can get there and stay there, as well as on the team.

issa w

Randy Gregory next :pray:t5:

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David Irving gone. Dakota is a moron. Zeke…who knows. Cooper needs a new deal. DT’s are a huge weakness right now. I’m just hoping for 9-7

Does Gordon get a superbowl ring?

Lol We really don’t need David

We got d law on one side, Robert Quinn on the other

Antwan woods and Maliek in the middle

2 best young interior linebackers still got Sean Lee even tho he made of glass we got top 5 CB in Jones and a very good 2 and 3

Defense is the least of our problems

On offense we just need Zeke

We got the receivers our line is back and honestly Dak isn’t that bad lol

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To bad the brownies couldnt of held onto him a little while longer. Imagine juice obj n flash. But tbh they gave him his fair shake. He just cant seem to get it together. But i wish him well. I hope he can do his thing this year. I feel for the guy.

Quinn tested positive

They already gave him a ring

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Only 2 games tho.
Cowboys are in a weird situation. I’d let all 3 go and rebuild. Days nothing special. Amari drops too many balls.

The fact that jerry bailed zeke out of so many situations and then he puts them in a bad situation shows what kind of person zeke is. By all means get your paper. But they kind of stabbed them in the back.

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Dak wanting $40 mil is still one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard


How do cowboy fans feel about dak?

dak wanting 40 when he isnt even worth the 30 they offered him has to ce the funniest story going into the season


I’m sure some will tell you he’s good enough to go 12-4 without Zeke. Others are realists

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Yea he’s out 2 game it’s crazy because it was prescribed and that’s his first offense

Our first game is the Giants lol so we will be ok

That’s a myth bruh … reports said that was false he never asked for 40 mil

Even then if he did it’s negotiating they offered 30 you decline and go higher to meet in the middle. Literally what negotiations are

I like him I think he fits us. Do I think hes better than Romo no would I take other QBs over him yes

But the narrative that he is complete dog shit is false

Do has had a better last 3 seasons than Russell Wilson and Wilson got a massive ContrCt but no one says anything like that.

I look at it like this yes 30-35 mil is a lot BUT we legit have no other option and we finally have defense and offense for the first time in a while we are in win mode gotta do what you gotta do

Everyone likes to hate on the cowboys and that’s fine but treatin Dak like he’s some bottom 10 QB in the league is stupid

also coop dropped ZERO passes for us bruh so that’s a non issue he was top 3 WR for us go peep the stats dude was balling the fuck out

He was bottom half in terms of passing efficiency the last 2 years but you want to pay him like he’s top 5 lol