NFL Free Agency 2020 Thread

League didn’t push back due to the virus, and it just got started

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The idiocy.

This is the worst trade of my life time

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Kill me. Devastated.

texans lost a lot of draft capital in the laremy tunsil trade and got some picks out of this. also hopkins wanted a new deal and the texans need to pay tunsil and watson

Was Tunsil even that good this past season?

Dak for Watson since we don’t want to pay Dak. Who says no

he was solid but not elite LT money

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Literally everyone in Texas

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You need to rephrase that some Cowboys fans would definitely want that lol.

Starting to look like Brady could stay in NE. Would be a shame to see his career die in Tampa and not even make the playoffs. Please no TB in TB.

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unless they ger ceedee this is a awful trade, nuk was getting 40 mil over 3 years, he deserved another conract

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we franchised him and Dak is better than Watson bruh


looks up the stats, ik yall like to hate the boys but Dak is the better QB

stats don’t paint the whole picture, id take watson over dak only because of his magician like ability

Dak has that same ability, and stats def matter, were not talking bout just passing yards here

dak has good weapons, a elite HB and great o-line, watson had hopkins, no HB and no o-line.

with what he has done with what he had, i’m taking watson


Agreed. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Man threw a TD pass with his eye shut after getting cleated in the face.

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Meaning we didn’t want to paid him.