Next! Zion Reward, James Wiseman, Lamelo Ball and more


Diego bomba!

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Zion the reward BET

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Hopefully we get card names and tiers soon?

Please sigs

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does lamelo even have a base?

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:fire: :fire: :fire:

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glitched base

They are sapphires?

they are all sapphires no? isnt that what the blue diamond/shape is for?

Be cool if they done spotlights

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imagine panic selling all ur GOs and shit just for a set of sapphire pre rookies :joy:

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*spotlight sims saphires withtout requirements

I mean like the old iggy and kareem etc😂just a lot easier

So if those would be sims, shouldn’t the goal to lose games as much as possible to grab the 1 st pick?


and this probably drops today and not tomorrow (friday) because its gonna be soft lol.

since those are not even rookies and their rights doesn’t belong to the NBA right now, can 2 k monetize their image by putting them in buyable packs?

Real question

An update this early means we might be getting a token market update, too :eyes:


Lol, they aren’t sapphires guys.