Next token update ¿

Next token update ¿

Lmaoo I know one just came out weeks ago but realistically when do y’all think a new one will come out? First day I got Zach Lavine and had enough to get another opal and I was gonna take josh smith but I don’t really need him and I don’t really like Tim Duncan’s cards and now I’m 5 cards away from getting 750 token so I’m about to have like 1800 tokens,
The wait begins… (also I’m going for AD another reason I didn’t pick up timmy, smith or Robinson)

Late April/Early May. Probably one big last batch like last year


Is it possible they will have cards in the token market like the limited ones last year? I have enough to unlock a opal reward but still have to get 3 pink diamonds who I will never use and since I got tacko now I’m in no rush for Duncan. Debating if I should just get Duncan or hoard my tokens :thinking:

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I think the perfect cards didn’t make it to the token market until June


I’m in a very similar situation @Jungleboys . Already lavine and Duncan, about to get josh smith probably for the 150k mt bonus for having 3 opals but I’m hesitant. Will also be about halfway to another opal but surely it’s not worth it to
Get penny drob beal or hill. With a player of the month on the way and me already having ak47 and worthy, I’m tempted to save my tokens and not get josh smith

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Got josh smith and in first game I was underwhelmed unfortunately. He seems to be a great dunker and defender but takes a minute to get used to
His release for me, post hook and fade kinda weird. He doesn’t have the animations that I’m used to out of like a giannis at the 4. I even have ball handle shoe and coach and he seemed to lose it
Times sigh…

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So far Lavine, Parker, and Robinson are the only worthwhile Opals. Everyone else is outdated or has a cheap comparable card

You think drob still holds up against these new godly centers?

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Yeah only reason I would even spend my tokens was for the 150k mt but I’m not tryna waste my tokens just for that I can wait I don’t need the 150 that bad

So you still have drob? And he’s still doing well for you?

Y’all know what’s insane lol TP lasted for like 1 week lmal


I played against GO Tim Duncan earlier and his post fade is almost unguardable and Zach Lavine is really good and yeah most of the reward cards have comparable cards but it just depends on who you like I guess

Honestly, I think the token requirements were way too high this year. Needing 12 Rubies, 12 Amethysts, 10 diamonds, & 8 pink diamonds JUST to unlock the GO market is ridiculous. I’m not gonna do the math on that, but the GO market rewards are NOT worth the time & coins that go in to getting them when there’s GO Dirk for under 150K and other cards hovering around 200K-300K.

I think it’s. A lot easier to make tokens this year I didn’t get one opal last year and have 3 this year