Next Token Player Drop?

kinda feeling like we might get something this week

Nah next GO token player will be in june


why u think so…

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The last drop was April 15th and that was THREE players, they ain’t dropping another GO atleast till June. The gap between the Petit, AI, Elgin drop and Walt drop was Feb 27-April 15th


The stakes have been raised I expect Opals we can pull in the next Promo.


I don’t think the next drop will be that long. A reason for the initial gap was likely due to how few were getting to that first opal, then the second opal. Now that 2k is showing a willingness to add Opals, folks will hoard tokens.

However, with no collections to close out to obtain tokens, maybe we will not see any more on the market as 2K will make a lot more money releasing Opals via packs and promo rewards.

So I would guess we get another set of Opal rewards less than the previous time spans, or none at all.

They need to motivate people for 3000 tokens this set so their may be a GO soon.


I’d love another PD player drop on Ewing’s level or better. The others just don’t look that appealing anymore

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It’s honestly unpredictable. Next token reward could be tomorrow or in july.


Or never


I would love to know for sure, I am coming up on 150 tokens, Ewing looks great but he’s not really what I need for my squad. Obviously way off from next GO, but if they dropped more token PD’s it might be a better fit for my lineup. I’ll be tempted to take Ewing for sure

If they start dropping more token codes it’ll be soon

I picked up Ewing , having fun with him learning the post and just bullying defenders . I am playing offline. Might definitely be the best rewards center with good ratings across the board. You won’t go wrong.

insert opal Steve Nash