Next TB moments

There are 5 teams which didnt get a single throwback card yet:

  • Pelicans
  • Kings
  • Wolves
  • Hornets
  • Nets

so who could we see?

  • Pelicans: 98 AD, Diamond David West
  • Kings: 96-97 Chris Webber, 98 Peja Stojakovic
  • Wolves: Diamond KG, Diamond Latrell Sprewell
  • Hornets: Amy Dell Curry, Diamond Glen Rice
  • Nets: Diamond Kenyon Martin, Diamond Richard Jefferson, Diamond Brook Lopez, Vince Carter (very unlikely)

They should have an updated j will for the kings

99 Heat Wade
99 Spurs Duncan

Gg. Have them both locked in but they’re coming 100% :rage:

it’s got to be a Hakeem or a Shaq hes the cover boy and he doesn’t have a pullable card.

I need a diamond James Worthy his Amy is amazing if he gets a diamond with 90+ steal and block I’ll cop instantly


Yeah man was about to mention this. James Worthy pls 2k

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Dear 2K MyTeam devs, if you are reading this forum, please add some diamond contracts in to the throwback packs.


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A diamond Brook Lopez would be kinda nice. He’s got the second best release in the game for a big man and his post fadeaway animation is damn good.

I’d splooge everywhere for a diamond David West.

Facts he’d shit all over Draymond


Kyries waiting for him or someone similar haha

Ehh idk… depends on what his strength rating would be. The 96 strength on Draymond is nice. Great passer as well.

When will they release new tbs

Pls drop a Dia version of J.R Henny God

Prob monday or tuesday