Next Sunday is St Patrick’s Day, so Friday for Larry Legend?

And also Throwback elites 98 Bill Russel :shamrock::shamrock:


I would think so.

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High chance

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I’d be amazed if theyre working on sunday

So I said Friday on the topic

Is bill russel a good big?

Me no can read
Homework make me doodo

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Traditional Center 6’11(Fix* 6’10)with nearly all 99 stats in inside scoring defending and rebounding but last year he’s month reward so I would like to play with him

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Is he better than Go Wilt in Rebounding and Defense?

The duo with Bob Cousy makes him 85 3 ball !!!

Defense yeah but he’s a little bit undersize so I doubt at his rebounding performance

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In 2k16 bill russel was so good

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I’m not an OG so maybe they can make him great again lol

Dear lord you’re forgetting the worst part about that duo, he had an 85 contested 3 ball smh

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I don’t have that card tho, at that moment I just saw a lot of YT videos chessing with him lol :rofl: