Next spotlight reward a PD?

Next spotlight reward a PD?

Or maybe an EVO :gem:


If the current trend continues the next one should be a 96

I think Magic gets upgraded to a PD too or maybe even an EVO Opal

You think this happens or we still gonna get 2 more diamonds?

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damn… the game really is dead.

on topic, it’ll probably be a PD

Probably 2 more :gem:’s but Magic will get the PD treatment imo

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How does this thread correlate to the game being dead?


Just checked out the vid @carsyncruz. I’d be heaps happy with a Worthy Spotlight challenge.

Also agree with what you say at the end by giving some background to these legacy cards. It wouldn’t be hard for them to put a brief bio of the showcase card in the collections tab. Even better put one on the cards themselves!


i know base 11 isnt as good as it used to be but do you think they’d give him his 2k19 release with quick draw

From what I can tell most players have completely reworked jumpshots from last cycle.

I could see him playing a lot like Kersey tbh. Maybe quick draw being added after he’s been EVOd a couple of times

Honestly, I think diamond magic they showed is what we’re gonna get, I also think tho that he will be the first reward card that will he better than Giannis, he “should” have better dribbling animations, will have a prolly a 80-85 three ball, and not to mention he will prolly have all the driving and post badges including giant slayer

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Yeah you might be right. Dude will be loaded with badges

As proven with amy kobe the fact that he will be a diamond will not hurt him in the way that he will be the first tall pg not named penny, and judging by how stingy they are with the positions I think they are releasing pg that way for a reason

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The more I’ve thought about it the less I feel Magic needs the upgrade treatment. Tier glow is meaningless in 2k20, hell the 2 best cards are arguably an ammy SG and a saph Center. If animations and badging is on point, Magic will be the best card in the game

When do we think we are due the next spotlight player?

Nah, 2 more diamonds and Magic will stay as it is. Card is incredible with those stats and badges. Idc that he’s a diamond. Gems don’t matter this year. Ruby Charlie Ward is still a top 5 pg in the game.

I’m hoping when the current expires. Maybe 1.5 days