Next Signature Series

First off I hope its Kobe but he is also in the Series 2 of the Anniversary players. But do you guys expect any content to drop before or on Christmas day. This VC is burning a hole in my pocket.

Opal Ronnie HOF class action dodger


I’d say Kobe will be one of the last cards released in that set. I doubt anything else drops while MJ packs are up, 2k will wanna milk the xmas noobs dry with MJ.


When do those packs expire?

Not sure man, i don’t actually play MyTeam anymore but they are usually 2 weeks if i remember correctly then 2 weeks till the next one

Think the packs expire a week from yesterday

I’m super excited for series 2. PD Shaq, PD Kobe, PD Bron, PD AD, gonna be an all time Lakers squad basically…

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Lol kobe, bron, and ad are mist def pickups. Maybe I’ll get shaq

KD!!! Over kobe

Who do you think they drop first?

Except AD…


But I hope it’s

KD,AD,Bron lol


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That’s a stacked lineup lol. I think they might hold LeBron til last and might drop Bird or AD first

Oh shit I forgot kd and bird in there 2.

I’m cool with that too lol I tryna choose the 3 I want

It’s either

KD,AD and Bron
KD,Bird and Bron
KD,AD, and Bird

Hella heat with opal Blake as the reward that set us gonna cost a lot

Definitely wanna get my hands on AD and KD, possibly Bron depending on badging. Id love to have Bird too but I think I’d rather go KD over Bird, depends what I’m rocking with at the time

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Series 3 looks like mostly a pass from me besides PG and KG. Too many guards

Yea KG and PG looks like the only solid pickups for me. Maybe derrick rose depending on badging