NEXT promo: GOAT Kareem, Invincible Lamelo, Zion and Edwards along with the soon to be draftees


i really want a DM mobley card

he’ll be a good card for sure

josh giddey for my aussie team


Evan Mobley got the best chance to be a Demigod

He’s 7 foot with a 7’4 wingspan and weight 214 so he can have that Bol Bol player build in game. They do him right and let him play SF game changer


so this gonna cause a market dip right?

the guards would dip i reckon. this draft have too many guards. hondo might dip a bit

So nothing Friday I would assume then correct?

Nah I expect 2k to drop back to back days with GOAT Kareem on Friday.


I said it earlier and I’ll say it again. WE NEED A DARK MATTER NASHON HYLAND!

Neemias Queta!!

6’8” Cade PG with Exum me right now!

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They are going to definitely give him either ray allen, exum, or base 98 because 2k


Gotta sell them packs lol

It’s all about jumpers and player models for me at this stage of the game.

Unless they go in order with the actual draft these are the players I think they pick.

Cade 6-8 PG/SG

Green 6-6 PG/SG

Mobley 7-0 PF/C (Hopefully SF/PF)

Barnes 6-9 PF/SF

Kuminga 6-7 SF/SG

Franz Wagner 6-9 SF/PF

Kai Jones 6-11 C/PF

Josh Giddey 6-8 PG/SG

Moses Moody 6-6 SG/SF

James Boughknight 6-5 SG/PG

Jalen Suggs 6-4 PG/SG

Davion Mitchell 6-1 PG/SG


Cade will be good but he got 6’8 wingspan so that limits him defensively

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As long as they give giddey a good base not not some bullshit I’ll take it 6’8 pg :heart_eyes:


Please give me Giddey! Don’t care how good he is I’ll be grabbing him! Though as a 6’8 PG there’s a chance he ends up being one of the most expensive in the drop.


None of them will make my squad, but I am happy we get some content tomorrow.

12 of em jeez. that’s awesome. i’m excited… i can’t even lie. give some good bases to some of these guys