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1-5 I’m running Big O, Iggy, Hill, AK, Big Fundamental. I snake my rotations to keep 2 starters on the floor at any given time, so bench is all glue guys that can play multiple positions Buckets, Melo, Draymond, Charlie “Fake Penny” Scott.

Do I take Truth, sell Big O and slide iggy and hill down 1?

Or Take Meat Mountain Mutombo slide Timmy down to 4, and make AK my swiss (russian) army knife 6th man?

Get Stockton. That card is glitchy. Replace big O with Stockton. AK is too good to have off the bench. Having timmy and mutombo on the floor at the same time will cost you. No outside shot at all. Stockton is a problem for everyone I play. Easy release to boot. I made a good player ( all 4 POTM cards ) quit in the second with Stockton having 19 in a Q and a half.

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Better than Oscar you say? Oscar best PG in game imo never had magic tho

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He’s 100% better than big o. Stockton is an amazing card and people are sleeping hard on him. His Defence is 99 across the board, as is his offense. All HoF defence badges, great release, HoF pick pocket on him is truly unfair. The only thing Oscar can do better is post fade, and he’s 4 inches taller. And since everyone running Sf’s at point, post fades aren’t an option

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There is no such thing as too good for the bench, this is myteam… Most of us wanna have more than 5 awesome cards. What you do then? Play two different Squads? Besides, you wanna play a cohesive Five, playing Kobe and MJ together doesnt make sense at all for example…

Post Fade is always an option! The End.

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Good luck with Oscar post fading over off-ball PD Giannis and LeBron.

What i would do is get Pierce, he fits perfectly in this Line-Up: Oscar - Hill - Pierce - AK - Tim

Iggy can lead the bench as 1-3…

Stockton his the hardest card to use out of this bunch to make it live up to its potential.
A. You need timing for steals
B. You need to hide him on Defense
I just played against GO CP3 and he cant defend in the post, Stockton will be the same.

I dunno why @Jdx32 i pushing Stockton so hard without mentioning his short! comings. This card is not for everybody and thats the truth, i mean when he is succesful with him he is an above average player, but he also says post fades are not an option so i am confused what to think…

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I only meant post fades aren’t effective over a 6’11 Giannis or a 6’8 LeBron. That’s why I referred to the whole SF at point reference before saying it. My bad if unclear

Brother, the whole point of a post FADE is to gain seperation… otherwise you could just shoot in the face…
So do i get this right, because u cant post fade on Giannis and Lebron one should pick Stockton instead of Big O? This doesnt add up…

Lol im not sure youre getting what IM saying bro. Im saying the ONLY reason big O can even be compared to Stockton is because of his height, and post fade. If people are running SF’s at point, the post fade doesn’t create much separation when players like LeBron and Giannis are long enough and can contest it much easier than a traditional PG could. And since MOST people run sf’s now, the post fade isnt as effective. Hence, Stockton is more useful given his shooting, defence, and playmaking.

With all due respect, its not that hard to understand

I chose Pierce even though he ended up coming off the bench due to being such a ball dominant player. (He runs the bench unit) I had Iggy-Hill-Granger-AK47-Duncan, moved Oscar to the bench PG and Pierce at the 3. You keep your spacing and size which I feel is so important

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Is Granger still a god? im yet to try him but he’s soooooo tempting …

I’ve used Oscar to post fade Moses Malone. It’s not hard.

Lol if you’re consistently post fading a center with a 6’5 PG, your opponent musn’t be very good. The fact he even locked in moses Malone shows hes not very smart lol

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Its all good, i just think you try to sell him too hard without higlighting the drawbacks as well. If he lights it up, great, but i havent come across a guy that oscar cant defend so C&S HoF etc. are more valuable at this specific time in the games cycle imho. HAving a undersized PG even if its CP3 doesnt fit the Meta and you have to be a good player to make it really work. Personally i wouldnt waste tokens on Stockton, especially locking in anything. I have Timmy and Pierce due to locking sets, but i wont lock in for any of the others…
I will grind tokens for hill and then i am fine…

No worries, that’s where I am now. Im going to get mutumbo and that’s it for me. Pierce and timmy don’t fit my playstyle and I really don’t see myself ever getting wilt

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I don’t think you realize how good Oscar is. Or Malone.

I do. I’ve used him. He is great there is no question. His release is slow, he lacks good animations, no useful HoF badges, not a great shooter at all. Like I said, the only thing Oscar can do over Stockton is a post fade, which isn’t as effective if youre playing PD Giannis and the guy actually knows what he is doing. Do you even have Stockton?

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This was weeks ago now but I would use that MT for Magic if anyone. A line up of Magic-Iggy-G Hill-AK47-Duncan is what i’ve been using since they released his packs and the size and defensive pressure is brilliant. I changed it up by having Magic-G Hill-Pippen-AK47-Duncan with Iggy as the bench PG and that’s just as awesome. Give things a try and you find some gems