Next patch coming this week since its start of the month?

So if theres a new patch this month do you think it’ll be this week? Usually its start of the month right?? I hope so… What things need fixed??

Things that need fixing:

Bump stealing: right now people have bigger chance kneeing your player, making him fall down then getting an actual on ball steal.

Zigzagging: pretty obvious, Server Errors, Lags, Players on defense running into the paint rather then covering their assigned players, thus, making opposition rain 3s from all over the place.

Players not responding to your commands, IE: not moving, not shooting etc.

Equalizer. Players being able to flail their hands like an idiots, or jump around like morons and getting steals/deflections.

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Lol you know none of this will get fixed

I really hope they do fix this stuff… they really have these types of problems every year but don’t even try fixing it…

Well i know, but one can hope. I am passing the ball with Magic and dude jumps like a dolphin and deflects the ball with his head, shits too funny. I actually have to zigzag when coming down the court, because people in EU trying to knee my players every single time.

I think we both can agree whatever update that’s made will make game play even more cringier.

Dudes use to knee me for good, once i started reading their idiocity and got accustomed to it, their 99% of “defense” goes outta window :joy:

Well the last thing they need to “improve” is blow bys and we’d be set.

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Hate playing with these losers. I hope they penalize this bullshit.