NEXT packs: Endgame Scottie Barnes + much more

Probably cause I have never watched college ball in my life, but nothing interesting for me.

‘28%’ odds at a dark matter in 20 boxes. I caved and ripped 1 20 box. Outside of the topper I pulled 1 DM. So 1/20. Or 5%. Just a nice little reminder why I never buy VC. Literally never again.


Snagged INV Mobley for 240. Forgot how well he moves for a 7 footer. Going to sell my Bol Bol now as I’ll be getting that Boban from limited tomorrow.

I started to get hyped when I saw a dark matter pop up in my award pack…and then a Wisconsin guard appeared and crushed my hopes and dreams.

Just nabbed a Dyson with 72 HOF’s for 550k.

Now to find a loaded Chet. Still need to try Jabari too.


Knew it

Cade anybody?

Cade nice i had on auction block 72 hof badges 1/2 hour left on ps

I just grabbed 77one :).
Thinking bump to 80 and sell or keep.
As backup of backup pg :slight_smile:

Took a L on my 80 HOF Invincible Shaq. Added 15 badges to him and got 574k back. Paid 600k for him!!! Bought a Holo Dyson Daniels and have badged him up to 72 HOFs and contract and shoe. Fingers crossed

Make sure his auction ends at prime time in Oz!

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I snagged a 72 HOF Dyson for 550k… Just to set some expectations for you.

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Ends in 10 hours at 10pm tonight Australian time…That will be 10am NY east coast time in the States…I’m stressing, lol. Hopefully being a Holo, ungraded with Diamond Contract and boosts of +4 to the only real stats he needs in Three Ball, Block, Offensive and Defensive Rebounding and Lateral Quickness helps stand out.

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Added 72 HOF Dys for 550k (Bye Magic) and also a 71 HOF Chet for something around 700k I can’t remember (Bye Tacko, Wilt slides to 5).

Chet is NASTY.

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LOL after pulling Hero KD from the challenge pack a couple of weeks ago, i just pulled a Banchero from the NEXT challenge reward pack!! Easy 80k MT profit!

Is it just my luck or are these reward pack kinda juiced?


Played a few games without Magic and Tacko before auctioning them and I missed them dearly.
Magic >>>>>> Daniels

I’m really torn with the front court. Chet is incredible but my squad felt lacking without Tacko. Gonna sell Dys and need to decide whether Wilt or Chet come off the bench and which starts with the monster known as Tacko.


You guys think we see any new content today?

Nope. Would have seen it by now. Would have been nice to get some duos/Evo’s but looks like nothing.

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Really surprised they would not do anything on a Friday. At least I would have expected duos.

Yeah it’s a shame. Pretty sure we got nothing on draft Friday last year too.