Next gen TTO playcalling: 5 months later

Playcalling was disabled for triple threat online and offline in November because it “led to various issues” on next gen. I’ve tried every avenue since then to get a single word about the progress of it being brought back, but no response. The inability to resolve an issue isn’t a huge problem. A complete unwillingness to communicate about it most certainly is. Most especially because quick plays and positional plays are still available in triple threat weekly challenges and were never altered. There is no excuse.


2k kinda abandoned next gen it feels like. Even the new patch this week was an absolute joke.


TTOn without playcalling is terrible. That’s why I don’t touch it on next gen. I don’t know what 2k was thinking smh

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You mean updating player likeness hasn’t enriched your gaming experience??


It drives me insane since TTO is primarily what I play when I have time. It makes sweaty games miserable because you can’t control spacing.


Offline is not much different.

Nah, in TToff I just snatchback 7 times with Kawhi and it’s over :slightly_smiling_face:


didnt you say like 1-2 days ago youre out due to the glitch theme? :rofl:
2k got you back very fast. or wasn’t it you?

I agree, it sucks…

But then I think about it …I’m cool with it, lol.

The reason I’ve come to terms with it is because in TTO the Iso’s/Screen Pass Away options were hard as hell to defend against the right players, and depending on your line up it could be hell.

I kind of like players moving like they are zooted.


I meant I’m out from chasing glitched market/Lue. But I actually didn’t play this game for the last few days. I bought Ghost of Tsushima and it’s the best experience I had with games in years. I forgot how satisfying games can be. I definitely won’t touch any online mode (except maybe Limited) until they buff defense (so most likely till 2k22). Will play offline modes only once in a while from now on.


I mean, it causes trouble when you play for a card’s challenges. It’s harder than current.

That’s for sure.

Ghost of tsushima is really nice yeah! i got it too!

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It’s absolutely stunning on PS5 and 60 fps. One of the best games I ever played.


Hell yeah, it doesn’t make it easy at all to get challenges done.

I hate how pick n roll is random. I’ve fixed it in the settings and everything and it’s still random if they roll or pop lol.

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I mean I definitely have thought about that as well and don’t disagree. I’d still like the option to be there because I want to throw my controller through my monitor when someone is really good at off-ball switching and passing lane lurking that I could easily counter if I could just get my AI teammates in better position

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