Next gen lineup

I’m finally on next gen now. What cards are the best for next gen. I hear Tmac is good on next gen but he’s cheeks on current gen. I really just need a Pg And SG

if you have curry then him. otherwise DWill/stockton/ellis. SG would be Ray Allen and even DeMar is good (cheap too)

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demar is really good (in next gen specifically) dunks on everyone and easy to green 3pts even with no hotzone outside the 3

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Really. I’m gonna try him out right now. I was gonna grab Tmac but if demarr can hit threes sign me up

yeah and for 1/10 of the price worth to try him out

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Ray Allen, Pierce to name few. Also Zion.


So glad i can finally run my pierce in confidence

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Is pierce good on next gen. I know his shot is much more like his RL shot

Ty and DBG said Grant Hill is better on next gen

very good and more than usable now

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and surprisingly (or unsurprisingly to some) buddy hield is a knockdown shooter in next gen quick release and green mostly. i havent really used him in current gen aside from when doing his xps

On current gen you can spam quick first step with him. On next gen he feels like just a guy. Not a big fan