Next gen Help unlimited (offense)

Hey guys! This is my first post so excuse me if the formatting is terrible lol.

I started playing 2k last year during quarantine and was absolutely atrocious lmao. I’ve played alot of pro am since then and have gotten pretty good on defence as I played a 2 way finisher this year.

Getting to my point, I’d say I’m an above average player now and am trying to get McHale. After playing two unlimited games my defence is carrying me but man my offence has just been hunting for threes with no real flow. I feel like if I run into a real sweat I’ll be in trouble lol. I usually run the point freelance but would love some suggestions !

Thanks guys

First and foremost buy Rudy Fernandez to replace Rip. And if it comes to offense, I run plays so I can recommend that. Go to 2ku → scrimmage and try out different plays. You don’t have shot clock there so you can practice freely. Learn 4-5 of them to have different options. There’s a lot of good plays in many playbooks. Watch couple of yt breakdowns and choose what you like.


Good call on Rudy! Thanks man, any playbooks you recommend?

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Three hunting is probably the best way to play offense on next gen.
I recommend running 21 delay and running pick and rolls and using the Iverson Box series, which will make three hunting way easier.
In terms of your team, I would recommend boosting the offense on your team by bringing in diamond Glenn Robinson and Rudy Fernandez on your bench, which are way better shooters.
Best Playbook to use is probably the Heat 2013 playbook


Magic, Clippers, Wizards, Blazers are one of the best for unlimited.

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Thanks man! Yeah I’ve found it wayyyyyy easier to green on next gen.

This may be a stupid question lol but what does the iverson box series exactly do? I’m still trying to figure half these settings out lmao


Appreciate it! Yall the best fr

Don’t do this. Everyone and their mother knows those plays. They will work for mediocre players, but good players will shut them down easily.


Yeah, but how many good players still play unlimited?

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I didn’t play last few days, but in the first week there was a lot of them. At least on PS4 old gen, don’t know how it is on xbox.

This iverson series looks like exactly what I need! Should be pretty nice

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I agree with the proper playbook + series/freelance suggestion but something else I highly recommend is learning creative, space creating, highly efficient scoring moves/maneuvers.

You said you’ve been greening more which is good.

But knowing dribble basics. Knowing which dribble moves will effectively maximize a screen from any direction.

Being able to get an isolation bucket through a variety of means.

Knowing how to finish in traffic outside of just hoping for a canned dunk (so euro step or spin layup/dunk)

Post moves should mismatches occur

All those things are going to have you with a lethal, potent offensive attack. You’ll virtually be guaranteed a bucket or high percentage look every time down the floor.

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These are all great tips, yeah I definitely need to get more comfortable with the movement on offence, I absolutely love that they juiced on ball defence. Should be interesting adding these tips yall gave me



I think your pro-am experience will help you out immensely as well! I know you saw some talented players, schemes, and moves.

Have fun and best of luck on your road to getting better offensively.

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Thanks! Oh yeah I was playing peak curry spam on current gen this year lmao. I really appreciate all the help, it’s given me lots to look at!

One tip I have as far as flow is to have a freelance ready and run that off a fast break. If nothing open on a fast break hit L1 and run motion and that will run your freelance. I’ll run a set play off an inbound. You really just need one good high pick and roll, 2-3 3point plays, and some post plays. If you’re scoring in different ways people ain’t gonna know what to guard.

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It seems like next gen is alot of keeping people on their toes from what I’m gathering which is nice. Never felt like that on current gen. I’ll take a look at some of those playbooks!

Good tips here.
Only thing I would add, since u got Oscar, Jamison at SF… do some guard postups too, attack the missmatches in the post.
Im killing with Kobe in the post for example, 90% of the current wings cant defend him, post spin, drive or dropsteps, doesnt matter.

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