Next diamond choice after melo

So I got Melo and am working on my 2nd reward. Who should I go with next ? Thinking Baron or peja.

Baron is a god. Great dribble and dunk packages, awesome defense, nice release

Agreed Baron

Baron Davis. I haven’t had much success with Peja.

I run Iverson at the point…not planning on moving him, who would you guys take? I feel i need a centre whats camby like?

If not Baron then Peja, why not play Baron as a backup PG ? Camby is very meh.

I went melo, baron, sweet Lew. After that I dont care anymore till I can get my boy the truth

Peja is money bro.

Of the token rewards, Peja is the best shooter, bar none. He is so lights out, as long as his feet are set. He does not shoot well if he is moving at the point of release, but who does? So, I can see Peja being my #1 rewards, if I need a lights out shooter art the time.

Baron is a favorite for most. He is great, lockdown D and dribbles etc., but I prefer Charlie Scott at the PG. I just like a more explosive dunker, and Scott is way more dunk tendency than Baron.

Still though- Scott or Peja? PEJA all day. I do not see Peja leaving my starting lineup until I get MJ, Kobe, or JR Smith. I do not buy auction house guys for the most part (never had Iggy or Kiki etc.) so sure those guys may be better than Peja. But of the reward tokens, Peja is your best shooter by sooooooo much. Is Baron that much better than the next best PG you got (Steph, Petrie, etc.)? Maybe, depends on what you get out of them.

Anyway, Peja was my second to last unlock but he may as well have been my first.

On those Moment Challanges last week- score 35 in a game, hit 10 3s with one guy in a game etc.- I did those challenges with Peja on my first run through, easy.

Like in this Moments challenge game, he had his points by like mid 2nd quarter, and I just wanted to see how many I could get with him. He was going lights out, and even with forcing the ball to him for 90% of the team’s shots, with the AI doubling him, he still shot a high % and went for 80. Yes, 80, in like 4 or 5 minute periods on All Star.

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If you already got Rewards Oden, then Camby will be a disappointment. Camhy is weak- a 6’11 C who can only hit the open 3 sometimes and does not have much post game, and is neither big nor strong enuf to get the O rebs and putbacks. He never played much for me once I figured out that he does nothing for me.

The only good big, that is a token reward is Dirk, until you get to PD. Oden is nice, and he is a Reward, but not a token Reward (Reed, Camby, Melo etc= token rewards).

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Ruby peja played awesome for me and is still in my lineup…is the diamond that much better?

Post your squad.

I have not really figured out how to use Stockton. I generally like a PG that can dunk and I can run PnR with and take it all the way if the D doesn’t step in. His D is Glove-like though.

And yea, where are the SG rewards? I just do not see them beyond Ruby. When I was at Ruby, sure, Eddie Jones was nice and Rider was my PG. But Westphal? Pfffffft please.

If you got Finley put him over Marquese Johnson.

I never got Finley

Buy Curry put him backup PG, Hill at 3, let Hill defend point guards, curry 2’s and Melo SF’s.

Trying to get Curry art BIN now. Can’t justify spending 163K on him when next week I am gonna be scrounging for VC to get PD TMac or whoever the flavor of the week is.

Afher he gonne from packs tomorrow he will be 200k ish, so you better get that snipe lol.

There wont be PD Tmac anytime soon, months. It should be another anniversary pack with PD Blake

Gotcha- how long do you think the BIN Curry tactic should take? This is mind numbing.