Next batch of spida?

Did everyone get him I’m just waking up ?

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It should be coming soon if anything try and type the code but capitalize the J and have everything else lowercase

Did you not get him?

Shit same that was 5am for me

I woke up pissed I didn’t get him, but the code didn’t work yet. Shoutout to 2K for being a dumbass company

Why the J ?

Just do it. 2K is dumb like that

Okay when should I expect

Try the old code see if it still works and capitalize the J and Donovan Mitchell is gonna release the second batch

4:00 Eastern time (2:00 Mountain time) per D Mitch Twitter


How much kat gonna go for tho?

Under 50k

I need like 40 so I can get pd simmoms

I can see him dropping under 40k np, i mean you can get him for like 50-60k already. It’s gonna be nightmare for me since i am in Europe, no sleep lol.

20 mins for that free 1K? Lol

Don’t do it

I won’t, not worth it. Also not fair to those who missed out. I might only do it if I hear is he is still up after 1 hour

Same honestly.

Do you think less people would retry codes if they were all unsellable like the award players?

naaah man. People will still do it for the free 1K even if it means rest will miss out. community will say one thing and do another