Next anniversary PD

I was wondering if they’ll release new anniversary packs by tomorrow/Friday, and who will be the next PD out of Blak/Giannis/Magic/MJ?

The logic “from the baddest to the best” order would be Wallace-AI-Blake-Giannis-Magic-MJ, but since we’ve got a moments Blake the last week, and the mode is a bit struggling right now, i can see them maybe go with Giannis first and than Blake… i’m quite sure that MJ and Magic have to be the last ones…

Any thoughts?

I hope it’s anyone but Blake totally don’t need another pf

Since they didn’t gave any moments for Giannis I would tend to say it’s going to be Giannis


Derrick Rose.

They wont release bettet PD’s before shittier ones. Also as to game struggling you people are on high medications. Last year at this moment we were happy with ruby moments Lebron. People are splashing packs/MT at insane rate, the game will generate more revenue then last year.


Pink Diamond Magic or Giannis in November, gonna be a suicide for them…it ain’t happen.

Last year they made money on Ammy Magic( without HoF Dimer)- if they drop PD’s one -what’s the point to spend/grind later on.

Big fishes already had PD rewards and when they A.D PD Magic and Giannis to them, their linups gonna be “endgame” in November.

Then the only thing that 2k can have a hope in, is a boring factor, and desire for new shiny cards.

They can make bricks of money from Brandon Roy with no HoF badges so theres no point to release best cards right now.

Roy at point was the worst shit I matched recently

I highkey want a budget Magic Johnson at this point of the game. Like a Ruby Throwback elite Magic ones when he came back in ‘96. It would be a great budget card but not too op to the point that ppl would cheese the shit out of it.

Yes sir but last year was last year, and now we had PDs available on fucking day one… reward and in packs like 3 weeks later. Last year Lebron starting card was a saphire and this year an 91 amy. Should i be happy with some ruby moments card atm? Of course not.

Yesterday they released a player with 4 HoF shooting badges!

We are not expecting anything unreal… they are throwing at us op cards, so i think it’s normal to expect them to continue do like this.

They need to release the likes of Blake and D.Rose one way or another, you dont release Giannis and Magic and then Blake and Rose, simples.

Yes, but last year’s Diamond (= this year PD) Stockton cost ~ 100k, and Overdrive Duncan ~ 80k ( when 2k drop them).

Diamond/Pink Diamond Magic cost 500k/ 1500k.:wink:

100k for stockton last year were 90k too much if you asking me…

Not to mention 99 MJ and Lebron going for under 100K 2 days after being in game.

You simply can not compare the last years market until all-star game and everything that came after, including 2k19

He comes, sooner or later !



That’s why i’m compering times when card drops.

When Stocton drops it was far before a perfect MJ/LBJ joke.
Same with TD.

Is not a coincidence that they both a rewards -as great players/ persons they are, they’re not so popular between kids.

Rose seris 3 no on ewant blake just drop him next week. 50/50 w/es come gainnis/magic


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This is the magic I want in 2k…

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PD in domination is this one. Probably GO will be the regular Magic.

i’d like that afro ruby high-school Magic lol.

:heart_eyes: Earvin Johnson