Next anniversary cover player? And what about the current players?

Looking at one video of the menu it sort of looks like the next one in sequence would be Giannis…

Which has me wondering - what are they doing to do because if he’s too good, it will make his Heat Check and/or Moments card pretty useless for most of the year, because people who REALLY want the Anniversary and can afford him won’t bother with the lower OVR versions obviously.

This goes for any anniversary card that also is a current player. On the other hand, the Anniversary versions could be really underpowered (no good badges, high intangibles meaning the actual card is worse than their OVR rating).

I wonder how they are going to handle that.

Most people aren’t going to be able to afford PD Giannis because of rarity and price. He’s probably gonna be really hard to pull and most people don’t have 200k lying around MT waiting on the next big card.

He also has a Galaxy Opal already in game so it’s clear there is a cap on his Moments Card potential.

If giannis drops 50 in a game this season which could definitely happen , especially like a 50/20/10 type of game I’m sure they will at least give him a diamond moments for that which is probably their plan with giannis. Make the pd good but expensive, make the moments not as good, and the heat check is the budget one. That opal will cost millions of locked in mt which is ridiculous.

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Think he’ll be the next one?

I was never a Giannis 2K guy until I got his PD last year. I slapped the +9 open 3PT shoe on him and I think he ended up with 97 open 3PT. Given that his amethyst is already a great finisher, once you can call him a ‘competent’ shooter in 2K19 it’s a GG. With a shoe and a coach if we can get him to 90 open 3PT he will be impossible to stop

Wait Giannis has an aniversary pd ? Wtf

Yes on cove have a card

Welp time to buy MT Cause if they give him 80 3 ball if you don’t have AK47 you’re done for

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It’s part of the anniversary set. same one as ai and Ben are in I believe.

In the sequence of anniversary cover cards, in the set, it was Wallace, Iverson, and next Giannis, wondering if that means for sure he’ll be the next PD.

Damn he’s gonna be like 400k

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I remember iverson being like #6 on that list before they dropped him. And now he’s second. I think the ordering is random but I’m just guessing. My money is on Blake griffin cause he wouldn’t have the same impact as giannis or magic.

Hm… so maybe the order isn’t as relevant as it would seem. I will still stockpile MT for that one. Giannis with a jumpshot is absurdly overpowered. Last year I think my PD Giannis with a 3PT shoe, just because of his player model and wingspan was a better card than the perfect 99 Jordan or LeBron.

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Most Likely Shaq

I think we’ll get Blake 1st, then Giannis, Magic, MJ. In that order.

Pd giannis was the best PG last year

Ben Wallace 2K5
AI 2K4
Shaq 2K6 & 2K7

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Man with that +5 3 ball shoe and Casey or Kerr they could give him a 75 3 ball and I’d cop no Hesi. His jumper is cash. And this year with the updated wingspans he’ll be a force

They could jump to the second or third series. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Derrick rose soon.
All we know for sure is they are going to Time the best ones around the holidays :joy:

I ran him at PF, was better for me there than PG. Plus people send some pretty angry messaged when you run PD Giannis at PG :laughing:

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The blowby posters giannis does was fun lol

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