Next Amethyst PG Reward?

I locked in the Logo Collections and got enough for a Amy Reward Player. I already have Amy Dirk. Have anyone tried any of the Amy PGs?

Geoff petrie is a beast. If u look at him on 2kmtcentral, his stats, his height, his nickname, his team (erroneously stated as the miami heat) and even some of his animations, im pretty sure they took d wade and reskinned him as a white boy. He can ball tf out tho. 3pt, defence and some dunks

I got Both Starbury and Geoff. Trust me not, Geoff’s shot is so fugly i cant even, its just bad. He wont get bullied even by Magic but he dosent generate much steals (ala Baron Davis), solid card, but very limited shooter (i even got all shooting badges on him). Starbury on other hand, the jumper is just wet, also great floater tendencies, on defense he gets tons of steals and overall not that bad defensively, i rather him then Geoff if you need more offense, if you dont run much offense thru your pg then i’d Pick Geoff.