News on free PD code

I know I know I know. You’re sick of it. But…

Anyone typed it in recently. I’m petrified of the error code!

About 1 hour ago. All good. PS4.

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I did 3 hours ago was all good.

3 hours ago all good for both codes

my screen froze after i pulled magic and sent to auction. he was a dupe and was there when i rebooted, not sure wat would happen if i didn’t already have him

Exact same for me and my Magic, he was in my auctions after the reboot but it was a nervous wait.

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When Ronnie hosts an event it’s already unbearable. Add to that by dropping Pink Diamonds at the same time. I mean, what did he expect? It’s like a constant earthquake w/ aftershock


if its a dupe your screen will get stuck but when you reload it will be in the auction


Is it going to be working still on Sunday?

To January 3rd is what i saw on Twitter.

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Ok they seem like shorter codes that might not last as long. We’ll see, lol

I got some collection and locker code work to do when I get home

Word. Thanks

There’s still codes they released on Xmas with Vince good for one week too right?

Saw this on facebook so either way you guys good


Just tried talking to live chat and they’re saying that some people that have sent earlier tickets are getting manual cards but they’re no longer giving them out and to give them 48 hours to figure it out.

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They are probably going to fix the code or drop something for those people.

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Yeah atleast they figuring it out better then them like yeah oh well you got fucked haha

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Yeah those Vince, token, Mt locker codes are supposed to expire 1 week from the day they were released.

Yeah they are being surprisingly responsive after the whole Lebron fiasco. Live chat seems to be the way to go as my submitted ticket hasn’t even been opened yet.