New Zealand?

Every year the game comes out it seems like I hear of people playing the game earlier than everyone else because they changed there time to New Zealand time zone. I would think there would be more to it than that, does anyone have any insight?

In the past yes, this year it should be released at the same time everywhere


Im assuming you mean the demo? I had it worked out as 7pm tonight for us kiwis but they might have changed the time

The game itself is digitally available at the same time usually

Is that confirmed somewhere? I mean the demo is being released by time zones.

Do they do this for cards too?

In past years I get it digitally but it gets released by my central time

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No just preoreding the game

Last year I had 2k19 around 16hrs before the US and filled a few guys in on some details on here. I’m in Aus. Word is that 2k20 is going with a global release this year, not a time zone release though.

Thanks, how does one do this for other games?

You change your time zone to Aus/NZ on your ps4. The thing is though, it changes for everything so your currency, game library everything is now the time zone you’ve changed too. I honestly wouldn’t recommend it if you’re not in those countries as it just messes everything up. I also think you need to use a VPN too. It’s a lot of hassle just to play a game a half day early

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Thanks appreciate the help

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Np bro

I know in 2k18 we had a head start but im pretty sure last year it was a couple hours after midnight we were able to play? It was like a race for most to get the game so they could be the first to complete domination lol

Nah 1201 on the dot I was playing bro

Oh wow, well its gonna b a long night lol

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Yeah it was for me last year lol. I prepared a week out and changed my sleep pattern so I could do the whole late night thing. I’m not doing it this year though, gonna wait a bit and pick up 2k later, it’s all about BL3 in September this year

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It drops globally at 8am PST they said. The New Zealand trick doesn’t work for this

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Nice! U either have to go hard early or just wait for op cards to come out lol

I think we always get the game earlier in AUS and NZ because they choose a date don’t adjust it to different time zones so by dropping the game on say 8pm 16th you American guys are still living in the 15th.

Yeah I’m just gonna wait it out. I’ll pick it up at some point but I’m not doing day 1 grind.

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