New Year's Rondo

Just wondering if he is worth it. See him occasionaly with Diamond Contract what seems relatively cheap at BIN. Around 70k - 80k.

He looks fun, waiting for like to keep dropping. How many more days are pack out?

He’s been disappointing frankly. Short and slender. Expected more from HOF pick pocket.

Yeah , looks fun and lots of HOF badges. But Diamond Francis looks just as good from comparisons?

HOF Clamps, but will get beat in the post.

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Francis doesn’t hold up on the defensive end. I’m really liking this Rondo but I’m probably a bit biased since I’ve been a big Rondo fan since his days at UK.


Would’ve never tried him if I didn’t pull him but he’s been great off the bench. Like him more than Baron

I’m not trolling here, but New Years Rondo has been my favorite card soo far. He plays nothing like real Rondo. Easy release lights out shooting and great dribble moves. I average about 16ppg with him. I don’t even look to pass. Y’all should add PD Demar too. He’s probably a step under Tmac. Amazing card. Both of them feel very fast. I use Rondo over Baron.