New Year, New 2k20 - What's the first thing I should do?

I haven’t played myteam or 2k20 at all this year, was busy with Madden. But I have the basketball itch again and looking to pick the game up. What should I do first, or where should I investing my time? Which players to pick up/sets to lock up this year. thanks!

Work the auction house. Make some mt and do the Kareem spotlight challenges. It’s a free pd giannis and the challenges are the easiest ones.

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sounds good. are the controls and game mechanics much different this year?

Full whites don’t go in and stamina got nerfed

Don’t bother with myteam.
It’s never been worse. And if you haven’t played 2k20 at all, you’re gonna get destroyed by cheesers.
If you really wanna play, play PNO, myleague or park/rec.

damn is myteam that bad this year?

dribbling is really boring this year. the only move that gets you open is the behind the back.

Yeah, it’s just horrible.
5out, a couple of dribble moves being completely broken and unstoppable, we already got shit like Bill Russell with 90 3pt…
If you’re into that, you’ll be fine.
Otherwise, stay away and don’t waste your money.

damn. so 2k19 was a lot better?

2k19 was pretty bad at the end of the cycle, but this is just awful.
You literally can’t play basketball against anyone who’s remotely good and cheeses. You gotta cheese, otherwise you’re done.

don’t even get me started on that Ben Simmons card.

damn i was kinda hyped about getting chris bosh but now i don’t know. what do i need to know about evos?

Good evo cards take way too long to grind, except for this last gimmicky set.

Kareem and Dwight PD evos require like 8k points and 5k rebounds total.

But beside the game play and over juiced card in January. Spotlight challenges are a nice new addition to the game, and you should work on that first.

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Any good packs to buy to start off with? I’m going to get the 2k20 bundle. so I should have some vc to kick it off.

Or any good budget or op cards?

For myself, I used all my VC I earned from park/career to packs and got nothing, and I bought some VC and open more packs and got nothing. My honest opinion is to buy mt.

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so how do evos really work? does every card get an evo card. do you buy them on the auction house or do you have to unlock them?

yea why can’t there be a middle ground where it takes some effort to grind out an Evo but not so much that the card is outclassed before you get to the second level

This could not be more accurate