New XP Challenges ( Dame 61 points for 1,500 XP)

New XP Challenges

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What dame is this? Any dame?


Aight Thanks!

Difficulty and vs who?

big w with the dame challenge for dudes that got mamba edition

there are 10 new ones like the division ones

Yeah definitely got 3 games left from that FA Dame

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For tt offline? Like use 3 players from a team?

no there were challenges last week that included a double double for kyrie and others, there are new ones for 2 other divisions, they all give 200-400 xp but the dame one gives 1,500 for 61 points in a dom game


nice for the ppl chasing curry


Tbh I rather want the ascension prize than curry


I have gave up on curry there’s already zeke who is 100% better for the way I play

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These 9-15 moments challenges are so dumb. Make 2 3s with Jimmy Butler in TT Offline? I just went 1-16 shooting 3s! :joy:


Dame’s price about to be 50k :joy:

3 min quarters.

Anything that involves 3s and Triple Threat I skip. Not worth the headache


I still dont see this challenge you talkin bout

It’s an agenda task. You can pretty much do it on any domination game. Just gotta score 61 with Dame

I don’t see the challenge either.